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Subject [GitHub] [flink] aalexandrov opened a new pull request #13770: [FLINK-18858][connector-kinesis] Add Kinesis sources and sinks
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2020 12:12:12 GMT

aalexandrov opened a new pull request #13770:
URL: https://github.com/apache/flink/pull/13770

   *Thank you very much for contributing to Apache Flink - we are happy that you want to help
us improve Flink. To help the community review your contribution in the best possible way,
please go through the checklist below, which will get the contribution into a shape in which
it can be best reviewed.*
   *Please understand that we do not do this to make contributions to Flink a hassle. In order
to uphold a high standard of quality for code contributions, while at the same time managing
a large number of contributions, we need contributors to prepare the contributions well, and
give reviewers enough contextual information for the review. Please also understand that contributions
that do not follow this guide will take longer to review and thus typically be picked up with
lower priority by the community.*
   ## Contribution Checklist
     - Make sure that the pull request corresponds to a [JIRA issue](https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/FLINK/issues).
Exceptions are made for typos in JavaDoc or documentation files, which need no JIRA issue.
     - Name the pull request in the form "[FLINK-XXXX] [component] Title of the pull request",
where *FLINK-XXXX* should be replaced by the actual issue number. Skip *component* if you
are unsure about which is the best component.
     Typo fixes that have no associated JIRA issue should be named following this pattern:
`[hotfix] [docs] Fix typo in event time introduction` or `[hotfix] [javadocs] Expand JavaDoc
for PuncuatedWatermarkGenerator`.
     - Fill out the template below to describe the changes contributed by the pull request.
That will give reviewers the context they need to do the review.
     - Make sure that the change passes the automated tests, i.e., `mvn clean verify` passes.
You can set up Azure Pipelines CI to do that following [this guide](https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLINK/Azure+Pipelines#AzurePipelines-Tutorial:SettingupAzurePipelinesforaforkoftheFlinkrepository).
     - Each pull request should address only one issue, not mix up code from multiple issues.
     - Each commit in the pull request has a meaningful commit message (including the JIRA
     - Once all items of the checklist are addressed, remove the above text and this checklist,
leaving only the filled out template below.
   **(The sections below can be removed for hotfixes of typos)**
   ## What is the purpose of the change
   Enable the use of the `KinesisProducer` and `KinesisConsumer` as Table API sources and
sinks through a new `kinesis` connector type following the [User-defined Sources & Sinks](https://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-stable/dev/table/sourceSinks.html)
documentation and using the Kafka and Elasticsearch factories as a reference implementation..

   ## Brief change log
   This change adds an implementation, unit-tests, and docs for the following factories:
   - `KinesisDynamicSource` - produces `FlinkKinesisConsumer`instances.
   - `KinesisDynamicSink` - produces `FlinkKinesisProducer` instances.
   - `KinesisDynamicTableFactory` - produces instances of the above two factories.
   The `KinesisDynamicSink` implements the optional `SupportsPartitioning` ability interface
   a `RowDataFieldsKinesisPartitioner` class.
   ## Verifying this change
   This change added tests and can be verified as follows:
     - Added `KinesisDynamicTableFactoryTest` unit test for the `KinesisDynamicSource`, `KinesisDynamicSink`,
and `KinesisDynamicTableFactory` components. 
     - Added `RowDataFieldsKinesisPartitionerTest` unit test for the `RowDataFieldsKinesisPartitioner`
     - Manually verified the change by running a stateful different program using the enabled
SQL syntax against Kinesis Data Streams ingesting data generated from [the `amazon-kinesis-data-generator`
Web UI](https://awslabs.github.io/amazon-kinesis-data-generator/web/producer.html). Verified
that data written by a Flink sink to target Kinesis streams is partitioend correctly if the
corresponding SQL table is defined with the `PARTITIONED BY` clause.
   ## Does this pull request potentially affect one of the following parts:
     - Dependencies (does it add or upgrade a dependency): no (changes in the pom.xml are
removing obsolete test dependencies and reorganizing the existing ones in more readable blocks).
     - The public API, i.e., is any changed class annotated with `@Public(Evolving)`: yes
(the newly added `RandomKinesisPartitioner` and `FixedKinesisPartitioner` can be used outside
of the Table ecosystem in the lower-level DataStream API.
     - The serializers: no.
     - The runtime per-record code paths (performance sensitive): not changing existing paths,
but a new path is added in the `RowDataFieldsKinesisPartitioner#getPartitionId` method.
     - Anything that affects deployment or recovery: JobManager (and its components), Checkpointing,
Kubernetes/Yarn/Mesos, ZooKeeper: no.
     - The S3 file system connector: no.
   ## Documentation
     - Does this pull request introduce a new feature? yes
     - If yes, how is the feature documented? 
       - Added a new documentation section under `./docs/dev/table/connectors/kinesis.md`)
(TODO, should have it later today).
       - Added JavaDocs to all new classes and unit tests.

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