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From xccui <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] flink pull request #4894: [FLINK-7548] [table] Improve rowtime support of Ta...
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2017 14:55:03 GMT
Github user xccui commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: flink-libraries/flink-table/src/main/scala/org/apache/flink/table/sources/CsvTableSource.scala
    @@ -38,23 +38,26 @@ import scala.collection.mutable
       * @param path The path to the CSV file.
       * @param fieldNames The names of the table fields.
       * @param fieldTypes The types of the table fields.
    +  * @param selectedFields The fields which will be read and returned by the table source.
    +  *                       If None, all fields are returned.
       * @param fieldDelim The field delimiter, "," by default.
       * @param rowDelim The row delimiter, "\n" by default.
       * @param quoteCharacter An optional quote character for String values, null by default.
       * @param ignoreFirstLine Flag to ignore the first line, false by default.
       * @param ignoreComments An optional prefix to indicate comments, null by default.
       * @param lenient Flag to skip records with parse error instead to fail, false by default.
    -class CsvTableSource(
    +class CsvTableSource private (
         private val path: String,
         private val fieldNames: Array[String],
         private val fieldTypes: Array[TypeInformation[_]],
    -    private val fieldDelim: String = CsvInputFormat.DEFAULT_FIELD_DELIMITER,
    -    private val rowDelim: String = CsvInputFormat.DEFAULT_LINE_DELIMITER,
    -    private val quoteCharacter: Character = null,
    -    private val ignoreFirstLine: Boolean = false,
    -    private val ignoreComments: String = null,
    -    private val lenient: Boolean = false)
    +    private val selectedFields: Array[Int],
    +    private val fieldDelim: String,
    +    private val rowDelim: String,
    +    private val quoteCharacter: Character,
    +    private val ignoreFirstLine: Boolean,
    +    private val ignoreComments: String,
    +    private val lenient: Boolean)
       extends BatchTableSource[Row]
    --- End diff --
    Maybe we need a base class instead of traits to do something like checking the equality
of numbers of field names/types.


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