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From Chesnay Schepler <ches...@apache.org>
Subject [DISCUSS] Long-term plan for build times
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2017 14:42:27 GMT

I want to start a discussion on how we plan to deal with ever-increasing 
build times in the long term.

While the profile reorganization proposed in FLINK-7047 again brings us 
below 50 minute build times
it is only a matter of time once we hit the timeout again. There is 
already one profile getting close to
it (flink-tests + java7/scala10 @ 45-47m) which we can't split up 
further on a module level.

The following is a list of suggestions/efforts brought forth by various 
people and myself that could help:

      Compile time reductions:

 1. *Rework shading model* (in-progress)
      * With the addition of flink-shaded we can reduce the build-times by
         1. not having to build shaded modules for every build
         2. requiring less shading to be required, as we work against
            the shaded namespaces directly
      * *actual impact not measured
 2. *Drop flink-storm*
      * There's been discussions for parking flink-storm anyway, and we
        would save between 1 to 2 minutes.
 3. *R**epository split*
      * A "flink-libraries" repo wouldn't require building core modules,
        connectors; by design it would download all these and only
        compile flink-libraries modules.

      Test time reductions:

 1. *Don't run expensive tests* (duh)*
      * A significant portion of the build time is spent on a relatively
        small number of tests (excerpt below):
          o flink-runtime
              + ChannelViewsTest (1m)
              + FileChannelStreamsITCase (40s)
              + ExternalSortITCase (2.5m)
              + ExternalSortLargeRecordsITCase (2m)
          o flink-tests
              + JobManagerHACheckpointRecoveryITCase (2.5m)
              + TaskManagerProcessFailureBatchRecoveryITCase (1m)
              + JobManagerHAProcessFailureBatchRecoveryITCase (1.5m)
              + UdfStreamOperatorCheckpointingITCase (2m)
              + IncrementalRocksDbBackendEventTimeWindowCheckpointingITCase
      * We can either rework/tweak these tests or move them into
        nightly/cron builds
 2. *R**epository split*
      * In the context of build times the main benefit of a repo split
        is reduction in compile times. A "flink-libraries" repo wouldn't
        require building core modules, connectors or a complicated maven
        setup to work around these; by design it would download all
        these and only compile flink-libraries modules.

Let me know what you think.


Chesnay Schepler

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