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From Anton Mushin <Anton_Mus...@epam.com>
Subject RE: [FLINK-4704 ] Move Table API to org.apache.flink.table
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 08:37:09 GMT
Hi Timo,
In this time this issue assign to you. If you will have no objection early in January I would
assign to me this issue and implement.

Best regards,
Anton Mushin

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From: Timo Walther [mailto:twalthr@apache.org] 
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2016 12:23 PM
To: dev@flink.apache.org
Subject: Re: [FLINK-4704 ] Move Table API to org.apache.flink.table

Hi Anton,

thanks for bringing up this discussion and volunteering. Yes we should do that before the
1.2 release. You can assign the issue to you if you like. However, we should first get most
of the pull requests in (esp. 
the large PRs). The next release is still some weeks away so it make sense to do the refactoring
early in January.

User-facing classes (API classes) should be moved to org.apache.flink.table.java/scala. All
other stuff such as logical nodes, expressions, code gen should be in org.apache.flink.table.


Am 05/12/16 um 09:07 schrieb Jark Wu:
> +1
> I would like to move these classes into `org.apache.flink.table.api` , 
> and move Java `BatchTableEnvironment.scala` into 
> `org.apache.flink.table.api.java`,
> and Scala `BatchTableEnvironment.scala` into `org.apache.flink.table.api.scala`.
> - Jark Wu
>> 在 2016年12月4日,上午3:18,Anton Mushin <Anton_Mushin@epam.com> 写道:
>> Hi devs,
>> I would to do 
>> FLINK-4704<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-4704> [1]
>> In this time the special classes like as `BatchTableEnvironment.scala`, `Row.scala`
and all expressions, codogen classes etc is in `org.apache.flink.api.table` package of scala
table api module.
>> Where do need move these classes? Is simple in
>> `org.apache.flink.table` pacage?
>> What do you still think about move Table API classes?
>> [1]https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLINK-4704
>> Best regards,
>> Anton Mushin

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