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From Chesnay Schepler <ches...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Exception from in-progress implementation of Python API bulk iterations
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2016 10:32:04 GMT
Hello Geoffrey,

i could not reproduce this issue with the commits and plan you provided.

I tried out both the FLINK-4098 and bulk-iterations branches (and 
reverted back to the specified commits) and built Flink from scratch.

Could you double check that the code you provided produces the error? 
Also, which OS/python version are you using?


On 20.09.2016 11:13, Chesnay Schepler wrote:
> Hello,
> I'll try to take a look this week.
> Regards,
> Chesnay
> On 20.09.2016 02:38, Geoffrey Mon wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I have recently been working on adding bulk iterations to the Python 
>> API of
>> Flink in order to facilitate a research project I am working on. The
>> current changes can be seen in this GitHub diff:
>> https://github.com/apache/flink/compare/master...GEOFBOT:e8c9833b43675af66ce897da9880c4f8cd16aad0

>> This implementation seems to work for, at least, simple examples, 
>> such as
>> incrementing numbers in a data set. However, with the transformations
>> required for my project, I get an exception 
>> "java.lang.ClassCastException:
>> [B cannot be cast to org.apache.flink.api.java.tuple.Tuple" thrown 
>> from the
>> deserializers called by
>> org.apache.flink.python.api.streaming.data.PythonReceiver.collectBuffer.
>> I've created the following simplified Python plan by stripping down my
>> research project code to the problem-causing parts:
>> https://gist.github.com/GEOFBOT/abb7f81030aab160e6908093ebaa3b4a
>> I have been working on this issue but I don't have any ideas on what 
>> might
>> be the problem. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the interior of
>> the Python API could kindly help?
>> Thank you very much.
>> Geoffrey Mon

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