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From Konstantin Knauf <konstantin.kn...@tngtech.com>
Subject Re: Savepoint and restart in the same command?
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2016 09:53:53 GMT
Hi Ron,

I think, Till mentioned in his talk on re-scaling streaming jobs, that a
"Savepoint and Stop" command is one of the upcoming features in the
"dynamic scaling" thread.



On 12.09.2016 14:39, Ron Crocker wrote:
> I attended Jamie Grier’s excellent presentation at Flink Forward today ("Robust Stream
Processing with Apache Flink” - http://flink-forward.org/kb_sessions/robust-stream-processing-with-apache-flink/
where he showed recovery from a savepoint. It took at least 3 steps - create the savepoint,
kill the current job, start from savepoint. Is it possible to combine these into a single
action - not just from the tooling perspective (where I think it’s pretty straightforward
to simulate what I’m asking for here) but to actually have the running job STOP once it
processes the save point request AND start a new job from that savepoint?
> What I’m looking to reduce the gap between the savepoint creation AND the stopping
of the current task as well as reducing the gap between stopping the current job and starting
a new job from the savepoint. 
> Ron
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