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From Prez Cannady <revp...@opencorrelate.org>
Subject Dependency on non-existent org.scalamacros:quasiquotes_2.11:<any version>
Date Sat, 16 Jan 2016 20:09:16 GMT
Attempting to get settled with Flink under Scala 2.11, but running into some odd issues with
macro expansion in a project that depends on flink-scala_2.11 and flink-runtime_211. 

I’ve instrumented the SocketStreamWordCount quick start <https://github.com/OCExercise/wordcount-processing>
to test this issue. It depends on Flink 1.0-SNAPSHOT, so you can test against a local build
of Flink for 2.11.

Steps taken

Cloned source and checked out release-0.1
Ran tools/change-scala-version.sh 2.11
Ran mvn clean install -Dscala.version=2.11.4 -Dscala.binary.version=2.11 -Dakka.version=2.4.1
-DskipTests=true at Flink root; build succeeds
Ran my spring-booted downstream project’s build and boot run.
Expected result


Actual result

During compilation, I get the following error:

[ERROR] /Users/revprez/dev/exercise/systems/jvm/flink/wordcount-processing/src/main/scala/org/opencorrelate/jvm/scala/SocketTextStreamWordCount.scala:73:
error: could not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type org.apache.flink.api.common.typeinfo.TypeInformation[String]
[ERROR]         val counts = text.flatMap { _.toLowerCase.split("\\W+") filter { _.nonEmpty
} }
[ERROR]                                   ^
[ERROR] /Users/revprez/dev/exercise/systems/jvm/flink/wordcount-processing/src/main/scala/org/opencorrelate/jvm/scala/WordCount.scala:40:
error: can't expand macros compiled by previous versions of Scala
[ERROR]     val text = env.fromElements("To be, or not to be,--that is the question:--",


I’m not sure how the Maven build actually succeeded, as there doesn’t seem to be any quasiquotes_2.11
under org.scalamacros <http://central.maven.org/maven2/org/scalamacros/> of any version
in the public repos, nor in the four vendor repos configured in flink-parent’s pom.xml.
Unless I’m missing something, 


I recall an earlier discussion about issues with 2.10 stuff polluting the 2.11 build. Not
sure if this is related–I’m able to get through everything I’ve identified up to this
point by simply overriding properties in flunk-parent with command line arguments. 

Also not sure what next steps to take. Don’t know enough about Scala Macros to know if substituting,
say, org.scalameta:quasiquotes_2.11:0.0.4 is a viable option (actually tried it, seems to
be more trouble than it’s worth). 

If anyone has any ideas, I’m more than willing to try thing—Flink’s on our critical
path and if we can get it operational under 2.11 then we’er golden.

Prez Cannady  
p: 617 500 3378  
e: revprez@opencorrelate.org <mailto:revprez@opencorrelate.org>  
GH: https://github.com/opencorrelate <https://github.com/opencorrelate>  
LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/revprez <https://www.linkedin.com/in/revprez>  

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