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From Fangfengbin <fangfeng...@huawei.com>
Subject look for help about task hooks of storm-compatibility
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2015 04:09:49 GMT

@mjsax @StephanEwen @rmetzger
Can you give me some suggestion about my idea of how to transfer user-defined class code to
Thank you very much!

Fengbin Fang


Dear all,

I am work on task hooks of storm-compatibility. Storm support add hook through the Storm configuration
using the "topology.auto.task.hooks" config. Users can use user-defined hooks class names
as value of "topology.auto.task.hooks" of Configuration Map. These hooks are automatically
registered in every spout or bolt.

Example like this:
public class Hooks extends BaseTaskHook {
    public void boltExecute(BoltExecuteInfo info) {

public static void main(final String[] args) throws Exception {
    final FlinkTopologyBuilder builder = ExclamationTopology.buildTopology();
    Config config = new Config();
    config.put(Config.TOPOLOGY_AUTO_TASK_HOOKS, "org.apache.flink.stormcompatibility.util.Hook");

    // execute program locally
    final FlinkLocalCluster cluster = FlinkLocalCluster.getLocalCluster();
    cluster.submitTopology(topologyId, config, builder.createTopology()); }

My question is how to transfer user-defined class code to task?
Now I have a idea. I want to create user-defined hook object in FlinkClient and serialize
it into bytes, then put bytes into storm configuration instead of user-defined hooks class
So all spout/bout can get user-defined hook object from storm configuration. In this way,
we can make a cleaner separation between the storm-compatibility and core code.
But storm BaseTaskHook has not implements Serializable!  So user-defined hooks class must
implements Serializable. This is the difference.

Can you give me some suggestion? Thank you very much!!

Fengbin Fang

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