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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: ItemRenderer Render Order
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2017 16:17:48 GMT
I don't know enough about the layers of the internet to answer your
question, but a network monitor can help show why things are happening the
way you describe them, and then you will have more data to use to form a
solution/workaround.  Right now, all we have is speculation.

Think of it this way: if you create an HTML page with 20 <img> tags, will
the images pop in in the same order every time (assuming you've flushed
the browser cache beforehand)?  I don't know the answer, maybe someone
else does.  And the server might be serving those images in an unexpected
order and maybe there is a way to correct that.

Pre-loading the images as someone else suggested should help.  You could
also try to coordinate between renderers and only have one renderer make
an image request and queue the others until the first one comes back.


On 10/11/17, 6:39 AM, "bilbosax" <waspence41@comcast.net> wrote:

>I hear your logic, but I'm not sure that I follow. I make a database
>that downloads a bunch of url strings to an array collection that are in
>order that I want them displayed and the priority that I want them
>After the arraycollection is populated, a component is instantiated
>containing the list and the array collection is set as the data provider
>the images begin to render. The problem is that it seems that the first
>three images that are initially on the screen are the LAST to be loading.
>the data provider is being set all at once, you are telling me there is no
>way to force the render order from 1 to 24 instead of 24 to 1?
>It sounds like you are saying whoever gets their data first will render
>first, but if I just hand off the data provider, I can't control who will
>have their photo delivered first so it will always be random. Is that
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