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From 0xC3 <ts...@outlook.com>
Subject iOS using swf loader
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 13:32:47 GMT
I have a question about Flex apps with iOS. We have a Flex browser app that
was started years ago to interface with a device we ship to customers. The
device ships with a webserver to interface with. To help mitigate the 2020
problem and use mobile devices we built an app to load the browser swf using
SwfLoader to display and use the app. The loaded swf connects to the web
services, and seems fine on windows desktops and android.

We have customers that would like to use an iOS version of this. We are not
a mac shop and have no experience with iOS. I know there are issues with iOS
loading remote apps, so before we invest in hardware to test and start down
this road I would like to ask if anybody has experience with something

1. Can SwfLoader be used on iOS?
2. Will an iOS app be allowed to connect to web services of an arbitrary
device IP(unknown IP address until it's shipped to the customer)? Multiple
arbitrary device IP's?
3. Is non ssl connections ok on internal networks?
4. What about UDP are there any limitation there (there are some remote
commands using UDP as well)?

Thanks to everybody in advance. 

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