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From bilbosax <waspenc...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: Deploy RemoteObject Service Remotely
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2017 17:53:52 GMT
I thought I should post my solution because I finally figured it out. 
Strangest thing.  It turns out that I was doing everything right, but the
information was not getting propagated into my compiled project.  So I
created a file called services-config.xml that points to the endpoint of my
services on a remote server.  When I first created the file, the uri was not
correct.  After hours of trying different addresses and nothing working, I
finally noticed that in the error messages the uri address was the same no
matter what changes I actually made  to the uri in my XML file.  So I simply
put in what I figured must be the right address and saved the file, and then
cleaned and rebuilt the program and compiled it, and voila!, it worked.  For
some reason, editing and saving information in my XML file was not actually
ever making it into the compiled program until after i basically "refreshed"
the app.  Don't understand why, but it is fixed.

I should also mention that it just came upon my radar that all webservices
must now be on an HTTP*S* server with an SSL, or the App Store will not
accept your program.  Just a heads up.

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