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From "Josh Tynjala"<joshtynj...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] Compiler outputs (nearly) empty map file
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2017 21:06:11 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

I just gave it a try on my machine with FlexJS 0.8, and source map file contained the correct
information for the functions in the <fx:Script> tag when I set the source-map option
to true and provided a custom output path. I tried both absolute and relative output paths,
and the contents of the .map file were correct in all cases. The "sources" field of the .map
file even had different paths back to the .mxml file, depending on where it had been output.
I'm on macOS, but I'll make sure to test on Windows too.

I noticed that you mentioned sending the output to a web server. Is this on the same drive
that your workspace is saved, or are you outputting to another drive or somewhere else that
might be unconventional?

Can you share the complete output from the compiler?

Can you also share the contents of myproject03.mxml and asconfig.json?

These might provide some clues that will help me figure out how to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

Note: As others have mentioned, the .js.map file name issue is indeed fixed. If you use a
nightly build, the file name properly ends with .mxml.map instead of .js.map. However, it's
worth noting that it should work without any file name changes if you debug in Visual Studio
Code using the Chrome browser. At least, that was the case the last time that I tried.

- Josh

On 2017-09-27 02:24, "Idylog - Nicolas Granon" <ngranon@idylog.com> wrote: 
> We are trying to use FlexJS 0.8 with a Visual Studio Code (VSCode) setup
> (nextgen actionscript extension).
> Everything works fine. However, when we use the -source-map option of the
> compiler (in the asconfig.json) a source map file is created ({project
> name}.js.map) with the correct keys, but no values !
> Here is a copy of the content of the {project name}.js.map :
> {
> "version":3,
> "file":"myproject03.js",
> "lineCount":1,
> "mappings":";",
> "sources":[],
> "names":[]
> }
> I have understood that the map generated from MXML files should be named
> .mxml.map. But this is not our concern (we can rename the file until this
> small bug is fixed).
> The problem is of course that the file is "empty".
> The project consists of a single mxml file (with a button, a label and a
> listener displaying an Alert, nothing very complicated !).
> The listener is inside a script tag, of course, not inlined.
> We have the latest version of VSCode (august 2017), the latest version of
> NextGenAS extension (0.6.0).
> The only specific (?) setting is that we use the --output argument since we
> want to sent the compiled output to our web server (the output dir is one
> level BELOW the web root but of course the output dir is specified as an
> absolute windows path, not as a URL). And also we output JS only (--target
> JSFlex).
> The generated output in bin-debug runs fine...
> What did we miss ?
> Many thanks
> Nicolas

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