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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: scoping out FlexJS to replace Flex
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2017 06:15:56 GMT
The advantage of FlexJS is that it is not a corporate-controlled open
source project.  That should make it easier for you to participate and
make a difference.  The current Chart code doesn't have logarithmic axes,
but you could the one to create them.  If a bug is bugging you, you can be
the one to fix it and thus truly make your app robust/bug-free.

FlexJS is made up of lots of small pieces called beads.  Hopefully,
regular axes can easily be swapped out for log axes, and if browser update
and some piece of code needs changing, that code is in a bead and a
different bead can be swapped in.

FlexJS is one-stop-shopping for an SDK that supports both extensible
markup (MXML) and an object-oriented language (AS).


On 8/6/17, 4:03 PM, "gkk gb" <modjklist@comcast.net> wrote:

>With flash plugin going away, I'll need to port my Flex application to
>either Air or FlexJS sometime in the next year or two. I have a couple
>initial questions...
>Q1. My scientific web app is very data centric, with lots of charts. In
>particular, I depend heavily on log charts. Does FlexJS support
>logarithmic axes? I couldn't find it in the documentation.
>Q2. For new projects, could someone help me understand the key
>advantage(s) FlexJS has in the market compared to other technologies such
>as AngularJS, ExtJS, etc.? For example, if you're quoting a project to a
>client, what type of project is in the sweet spot for using FlexJS rather
>than the status quo (whatever that is)?
>Q3. What is the goal of FlexJS release 1.0, and when will it likely
>occur? Is it expected to be enough to develop a basic, real, app that is
>Q4. Compared to other HTML technologies, will there will a lot of
>maintenance of FlexJS code when browsers get updated, for example, that
>break previous code, in the same way that JS/HTML development has today?
>Flex/Flash plug-in spoiled me in that regard (maintenance free). Now that
>the shoe will be on the other foot, so I wonder what to expect in terms
>of maintenance; will it be a matter of filing a JIRA bug for example?.
>Thanks, GKK

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