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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: Error # 1502: The execution time of a script exceeds the default time
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2017 16:29:06 GMT
Hi Christophe,

This is usually not a memory issue.  Even though the error says "15
seconds" it really means that the layout spent 60 seconds trying to
calculate the size and position of all of the UI widgets in your app that
needed it.

I see that in this stack trace, the LayoutManager is working with a
Container about scrollbars.  There are scenarios where the size of a
Container's content isn't "stable" and the presence of scrollbars affects
the size of the content and thus the LayoutManager keeps telling the
Container to put scrollbars and take them down again "forever" until 60
seconds is up.  I call this a "layout loop".

I've seen cases where the screen is being resized by the user or an
animation and just happens to hit certain values that cause this "layout

I've also seen other cases where there is just too many UI widgets that
need sizing and positioning, or some other data processing happened
earlier took up most of the 60 seconds and the LayoutManager just doesn't
have enough time.

In the latter case, it might work intermittently depending on what else is
going on in the system at that time.  A virus scanner, watching videos,
etc can all take away CPU cycles from the LayoutManager and slow it down
enough that it exceeds the 60-second cut off.


On 7/13/17, 2:48 AM, "christophe valmir (oharas)" <c.valmir@o-haras.com>

>For 2 months we have been receiving calls of costumers of our
>The message is error :
>Error # 1502: The execution time of a script exceeds the default time
>(15 seconds).
>At mx.managers.layoutClasses :: PriorityQueue / removeSmallestChild ()
>At mx.managers :: LayoutManager / validateClient ()
>At mx.core :: UIComponent / validateNow ()
>At mx.core :: Container / createOrDestroyScrollbars ()
>At mx.core :: Container / createScrollbarsIfNeeded ()
>At mx.core :: Container / createContentPaneAndScrollbarsIfNeeded ()
>At mx.core :: Container / validateDisplayList ()
>At mx.managers :: LayoutManager / validateDisplayList ()
>At mx.managers :: LayoutManager / doPhasedInstantiation ()
>At Function / http: //adobe.com/AS3/2006/builtin :: apply ()
>I can not figure out random bug that exists mostly browsers and on all
>OS. For now, the only way around the problem is to "make a Firefox
>repair" for one day. But since the new version of flash, customers do it
>every day and sometimes even effective.
>What should I do for correcting the problem ?
>Is it a memory allocation worry?
>Kinds regard

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