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From "Erik J. Thomas" <e...@linqto.com>
Subject Re: Can I control the parameter order in an HTTPService Post?
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 14:47:09 GMT
Hey Jeffry:

I may be missing something in my understanding of your problem, but are you trying to send
a body of parameters in the request payload? If so, I suggest you adopt a JSON or plain text
approach, and build your params into the body/payload in the order you want by just building
the string:

// JSON approach
httpService.contentType = "application/json";
httpService.send({ \"otherParameters\": \"Other Random Misc Data\", \"lastParameter\": \"LastOne\",
\"firstParameter\": \"firstOne\", \"amount\": 100 });

The server endpoint will of course need to know how to parse the JSON, but your order will
be preserved in the body of the request.

Another approach could be just to send the entire parameter string as you want it as the payload/body
by just directly assigning it:

httpService.contentType = "text/html";
httpService.send("otherParameters=Other Random Misc Data&lastParameter=LastOne&firstParameter=firstOne&amount=100");

And parse the params on the server.

I so often have to bypass some of the cool functionality Flex provides to save me code when
dealing with REST communication but with HTTP communication, everything is possible, since
in the end an HTTP request is an HTTP request, it's generic, and unless your server cannot
be changed to deal with a generic HTTP request (just treat the payload/body however you want)
you can do anything you want by just building your requests without depending on utility classes.
Sure you may have to write 5 more lines of code on the server, but that's often a lot easier
than trying to fix something Flex doesn't do for you OOTB.


> On Jul 4, 2017, at 7:55 AM, Jeffry Houser <jeffry@dot-com-it.com> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>  I'm updating a Point of Sale system that was built with Flex and AIR using the Cairngorm
> The code integrates with a custom server provided by my client's payment processor vendor.
 Part of their requirement is that parameters be form posted to their server in a specific
order. The Apache Flex framework does not appear to retain the parameter order of the object's
parameters.  Has anyone run into this before?
> More specifics, with code:
> 1) Service object set up in the Cairngorm Services.mxml:
>    <mx:HTTPService id="service"
>                    showBusyCursor="false"
>                    requestTimeout="240"
>                    method="post" contentType="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
>                    url="http://localhost.:16448/" resultFormat="e4x"
>                    />
> 2) Create Parameter object and call service method; this is done in a Cairngorm Delegate:
> var parameters : Object = new Object();
> parameters.firstParameter  = "firstOne";
> parameters .amount = 100;
> parameters .otherParameters = "Other Random Misc Data";
> parameters.lastParameter = "LastOne";
> Then make the call:
> var call : Object    = this.service.send(parameters);
> call.addResponder( this.responder );
> 3) Flex Framework class mx.rpc.httpAbstractOperation, starting around line 862.  This
appears to loop over properties using classinfo.properties .  This seems to get an alphabetical
list of properties from my object and add them to the paramsToSend object:
>        else if (ctype == CONTENT_TYPE_FORM)
>        {
>            paramsToSend = {};
>            var val:Object;
>            if (typeof(parameters) == "object")
>            {
>                //get all dynamic and all concrete properties from the parameters object
>                var classinfo:Object = ObjectUtil.getClassInfo(parameters);
>                for each (var p:* in classinfo.properties)
>                {
>                    val = parameters[p];
>                    if (val != null)
>                    {
>                        if (val is Array)
>                            paramsToSend[p] = val;
>                        else
>                            paramsToSend[p] = val.toString();
>                    }
>                }
>            }
>            else
>            {
>                paramsToSend = parameters;
>            }
>        }
> 4) Looking at the raw data in the Flash Builder Network Monitor; the final request doesn't
have the parameters in alphabetical order.
> otherParameters=Other%20Random%20Misc%20Data&lastParameter=LastOne&firstParameter=firstOne&amount=100
>  With this small sample it appears that the parameters are in reverse alphabetical order,
but with the actual request data they are in a seemingly random--but always consistent--order.
> -------
> Thanks for reading this far.  My first attempt at a solution was to create the POST parameter
string manually and use that as the parameter object.  However in that case the body of the
POST request was blank when reviewing it in the service monitor.
>  So, has anyone run into this before?  What was your solution?
> -- 
> Jeffry Houser
> Technical Entrepreneur
> http://www.dot-com-it.com
> http://www.jeffryhouser.com
> 203-379-0773

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