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From "Krueger, Olaf" <OKrue...@edscha.com>
Subject AW: Flash & The Future of Interactive Content
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2017 09:17:11 GMT
Even if I'd really like it if the Flash Player lives forever its EOL Announcement is not a
surprise at the end.
I would have liked a remaining life time a bit more time than just 2 years.
So we have to face the truth: Flash Player is dead.

But this doesn't mean that all our Flex development is useless suddenly.

Let's see the positive things:
There's still AIR as a powerful runtime alternative and maybe it will benefit from FP EOL.
So keep in mind that all our Flex apps are able to survive the loss of the Flash Player, with
less effort.

Most of our development effort is coupled with AS3.
With FlexJS you can reuse your AS3/MXML skills so there's a fair chance to port your apps
to JS/HTML5.
Keep in mind that it is up to each of us how fast FlexJS evolves.

I'm still using Flex, even for new projects. But I always keep the business logic free of
any Flash dependencies and I removed AMF at server side at least.
Going this way I'm still hopeful that a migration to FlexJS could be done with little pain.
(If each Flex component has a counterpart at FlexJS side at least)

No matter if you decide to go with FlexJS or any other JS Framework, there's no guarantee
that the chosen framework will still be there in a couple of years.
One of the main benefits of FlexJS is that is under the Apache hood.
So it's not influenced by the big players, we can even influence it ourselves.

Just my 2 cents,


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