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From Erik Thomas <erikjtho...@icloud.com>
Subject Re: TextInput bug with soft keyboard (mobile)
Date Sun, 14 May 2017 14:15:05 GMT
Hey Frederic:

Thanks for your response. I have worked around this problem in the one instance it occurs
in my app. It's a kludge but works for now, I just set text to a blank space ' ' and then
remove it when it gets focus and the input cursor shows up after the contents are scrolled
into view to make way for the soft keyboard.

I have tried both the mobile textinput skin and the spark, and a custom skin making a copy
of both the spark and mobile skins. Trouble is I uncovered other bugs including when using
the mobile skin, clicking (tapping) into the input field, the cursor appears almost in the
middle of the field and the prompt text never disappears when typing. I didn't have time to
troubleshoot all that and fix it. My workaround is OK for now. With either custom skins (just
copies of the ones TextInput uses in the spark and mobile libraries even with no changes at
all), I got a viewPort error deep in the framework every time running the app. 

I upgraded to Flex SDK 4.16 from 4.15, using AIR 25 now, and that didn't make any difference.
There is something else going on.

I'm using my own view management mechanism with an Application (single page) and as the user
navigates, I hide one view and show another, having 5 views active with 4 hidden all the time
and this seems to be affecting the Stage TextInput field. Now on several of my views the TextInput
fields won't accept focus at all. The soft keyboard pops up and immediately disappears. This
affects three of the 5 views. I am doing something fundamentally against the way Flex was
designed, or just uncovered a bug.



> On May 11, 2017, at 9:42 AM, Fr├ęderic Cox <coxfrederic@gmail.com> wrote:
> Which skin are you using for the TextInput? The default spark textinput skin? The mobile
textinput skin? Or ScrollingStageTextInput ?
> On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 5:20 PM, Erik J. Thomas <erik@linqto.com <mailto:erik@linqto.com>>
> I spent the better part of a day trying to solve for an annoying user experience with
TextInput on mobile devices (Apple). 
> If a TextInput or TextArea input field is located in the top 50% of the display area,
and a setFocus() call on the input field is made, the soft keyboard displays and the input
cursor is visible (all is well). But if the input field is where it would be obscured by the
soft keyboard (lower half of the display), Flex moves the content up so the input field is
visible (nice feature), but the input cursor disappears.
> I have tried many workarounds, all failing:
> Using callLater to call a function that sets the input focus a second time.
> Listening for soft keyboard events and then setting input focus again.
> Setting kludge timer to wait after the soft keyboard is activated and set focus to the
control again after waiting a variety of different durations.
> My latest idea is to try scrolling the content up myself so I know the input field is
visible BEFORE setting focus so the input cursor will always be visible, but operations on
the scroller don't give me the ability to place the input field exactly above the soft keyboard.
Before I go down the road of firing an event from the ItemRenderer that the parent view with
the scroller can react to I wondered if there is a known solution that's less work.
> Anyone found a good workaround for this obvious bug in Flex (or perhaps AIR)? BTW, I
ran into this bug the first time about 5 years ago and worked around it by placing input fields
in the top 50% of the display area, but in this case, my content is scrolling so I cannot
do that. I was surprised to see this bug has never been fixed.
> For more detail read on...
> My design is a Facebook-ish social app (for one view) with scrolling content:
> When the user taps Comment and the input field is in the lower half of the device's display
area, Flex moves the content up enough for the input field to be visible above the soft keyboard,
but the input cursor never displays:
> Thanks so much for your suggestions!
> Erik

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