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From "Erik J. Thomas" <e...@linqto.com>
Subject Re: Deep Linking with Flex to Mobile Apps
Date Mon, 15 May 2017 15:56:45 GMT
Forgot to include the article on deep linking between native mobile apps:

>> "I found this list of device specific deep linking" 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_deep_linking <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_deep_linking>

Seems that this must be possible from a Flex app without creating an ANE since linking to
facebook linkedIn, twitter, and google maps all works great, but in each of these cases, I
am passing a parameterized http URL to the web, and Flex/AIR appears smart enough to interpret
those requests and if the related mobile app exists, it's launching that using device-specific
deep linking syntax under the covers.


Erik Thomas
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> On May 15, 2017, at 8:51 AM, Erik J. Thomas <erik@linqto.com> wrote:
> Hey all:
> I need to be able to do various deep linking between mobile apps and my Flex app. I've
learned to do this for twitter and linked in profiles pretty simply:
> var u:URLRequest = new URLRequest(data.twitterProfileUrl);
> navigateToURL(u, "_blank");
> If the twitter app is installed on the phone (at least iOS), this will launch the app.
If the app is not available, it will open the browser and nav to the profile. Very cool stuff.
Works for google maps too, when the user taps an address.
> But I need to do the following additional linking and don't know how to format the URLs
to make it happen:
> User taps a phone number, dials the phone if the device is a phone.
> User taps an email address, and it launches their mail program to send mail. Just need
the syntax for subject, content, additional addresses, etc.
> User taps a date/time field, and it launches their mobile calendar app and offers to
create a new item.
> My guess is that this is all possible with Flex, but I'm not finding info on syntax and
usage through Google searches. I found this list of device specific deep linking, but expect
Flex has a platform agnostic URL format so we don't have to manage device/OS types in the
flex app.
> Just a link to the docs for this type of deep linking would be great. And in the Mobile
native world deep linking is usually about linking mobile apps. In the Flex world the term
"deep linking" is most often referring to browser history management which is NOT what I need.
> Thanks!
> Erik

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