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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Crippling Lag - Windows 10 IE11 - FlashPlayer / IBM ILOG Elixir
Date Sat, 08 Apr 2017 05:03:45 GMT

On 4/7/17, 4:04 AM, "DarrenEvans" <darren.evans@allocatesoftware.com>

>I think the staticRenderHandler is a red herring, FTETextField sets event
>listeners up to call that method on every RENDER and ENTER_FRAME so we'd
>expect that to be called all the time.

Yes, if you single step for a while and end up back at debugTickler, then
you saw all of the AS3 running in the frame, and it looks like there isn't
any serious work for it to do.

Of course, if you can also get a debugger on the SWF when it isn't having
the performance problem, you can compare to see if it is running the same
AS3 and rule it out.

I think the next step is to start comparing working vs non-working.
Compare the stage size.  Amount of memory.  Networking configuration.  I
would swear that Flash uses up more cycles on a slower network, but I
don't have definitive proof.

Also, are there any other configuration differences?  Screen depth,
resolution, etc?  Super-high-resolution screens could take more time to

There was also some performance issues related to line drawing.  If you
draw lines with different line-joins, some line-joins because really slow.

In another case I saw, a bug kept a tiny Flash Authoring SWF they were
using for either a wait cursor or some advertising running.


>Here are some screenshots that may provide some more insight and make
>a bit clearer from what I'm seeing in Scout.
>The first is showing the time line for, logging in, navigating to a really
>basic screen and then leaving it idle. The idle time is the selected
>portion. See the uncategorized "Runtime Overhead" making up pretty much
>the time:
>The second is showing the time line for, logging in, navigating to a part
>the system which has our most complicated usage of the ILOG Ganntt
>component, then leaving it idle. Again the idle portion is the selected
>section, notice how much higher the orange section is when in this part of
>the system. Again nearly all time in "Runtime Overhead":
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