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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Crippling Lag - Windows 10 IE11 - FlashPlayer / IBM ILOG Elixir
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2017 16:27:52 GMT
Hi Darren,

"Other" includes "Other (activities such as garbage collection, event
processing, and so on)"

I have seen the invalidation loop appear to be machine-specific when it is
actually size-specific.  Someone had an extra toolbar in their browser
which shrank the available size of the stage more than other machines and
that reduced size caused the loop.

If you have a debugger on it, I would just wait until the app is supposed
to be idle, then set a breakpoint on debugTickler in Application.as.  Then
single step and it should step you into all AS that is running.  I've had
that show me things that are unexpected.

Also compare memory allocation on working vs slow.  Maybe memory gets more
fragmented on the slow computer so more time is spent in GC.


On 4/6/17, 2:24 AM, "DarrenEvans" <darren.evans@allocatesoftware.com>

>An interesting read and I have encountered this type of problem before.
>However, in all the cases I have experienced this it always behaves the
>same, it's never been machine specific.
>The problem only occurs on some machines, connecting to exactly the same
>appserver, serving up exactly the same SWF file, using exactly the same
>I think the IBM ILOG Elixir component is a red herring of sorts, it just
>happens to really show that it's lagging when interacting with bits using
>I've now got a developer environment up and running on a machine
>the problem, so it's now easier to experiment around with it.
>Hooking up Scout with a proper telemetry enabled version of the product
>experimenting with a part of the product on a screen which doesn't use the
>ILOG component I still get a constant 2-3% CPU time reported in internet
>explorer (a working machine reports 0%). Scout reports that 97% of the
>is going into the Orange "Other" section in the rather unhelpful "Runtime
>Overhead" function. What does that mean?
>Hi Darren,
>I know your app isn't hung, but some of the principles described in [1]
>might apply.
>It is theoretically possible that an application gets into a situation
>where it is constantly trying to validate itself and thus the CPU never
>goes idle but the UI is operational.  If I were in your shoes I would not
>worry about drag/drop and just see what AS is running when the app is
>"idle" but CPU is still running.
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