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From Tomislav Pokrajcic <tomis...@svemir.net>
Subject SQLite version
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2017 14:32:23 GMT
Is there a way to reliably determine the SQLite version used by the AIR 
AFAIK Adobe uses a fork of SQLite that includes some additional 
functionalities, but couldn't find any official info about the base version.
Executing "SELECT sqlite_source_id();" within the AIR app returns:
"2010-12-07 20:14:09 a586a4deeb25330037a49df295b36aaf624d0f45"

According to:
it describes version 3.7.4.

We maintain a Flex app with a large SQLite database and often have to 
deep dive for optimizations and it would be great to know a bit more 
about the enemy...



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