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From Frank Dahmen <fr...@dahmenia.de>
Subject Re: reduce creation time of view in mobile app
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2016 08:43:50 GMT

the view is really, really  huge so 2 seconds would be perfect ok

Yes seperate views would work I guess, but when the view is loaded once 
its's very fast to use
(fast scrolling etc.)
and when switching between views,  the overall "use-time" wouldn't be 
better i think

........I am an idiot......just tested in test mode not in debug mode 
(in FlashDevelop)
and now it only takes 5 seconds.......which is almost ok

but what do you mean with the sections?
as i said, each time the view is created it fetches data from a server 
and configures all controls
yes they are grouped in (visual) sections
so create and configure them but not show them?

think of the view like a VGroup in a scroller
inside this VGroup are 10 other VGroups and each of them has 10 Buttons
on result of the remote request each buttons label is set
this is simplified, and sounds like i should use a DataGroup or such,
but the controls are all custom, and some have complex functionality

how to do this "section-lazy-loading"?

Am 28.11.2016 um 09:00 schrieb OmPrakash Muppirala:
> Hmm, 2 seconds on a desktop is quite slow :-(  Perhaps you can create
> separate views and load them on demand?  Or is the view completely
> customizable?
> Also, on your device, are you running the release build or debug build?
> You could also create sections in the View and as each section becomes
> visible, create those children only then.
> You can use Adobe Scout to get a better understanding of the bottlenecks in
> your code.
> Thanks,
> Om
> On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 11:46 PM, Frank Dahmen <frank@dahmenia.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> in my app i have a really huge View with lots...lots! of (custom)controls.
>> When i push this view or pop back to this view it takes several seconds.
>> On create it makes a remote request and on result it configures the
>> controls (adds childs to control, changs states, sets data....)
>> The remote request itself takes about 700ms which is ok.
>> When i run the app on the desktop creation time is quite fast, 2 seconds
>> but on my htc it's  8-10 seconds
>> What strategies can//I apply to reduce this a bit (3-5 seconds)?
>> I tried to set destructionPolicy=never, but no real effect
>> Can I somehow measure what takes how long?
>> Thanks

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