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From Christofer Dutz <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject AW: Upgrading Flash builder from 4.5 codebase to 4.7 trouble :-)
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2016 07:37:46 GMT
Hi Kalaivani,

sorry for the late reply and thank you Alex for pointing me to it. I guess I was swamped with
other taks and usually emails with "Flash Builder" don't go past my brain filter ;-)

So here goes:

1. You get the Unknown Packaging error if the flexmojos plugin isn't correctly loaded or you
didn't specify "<extension>true</extension>" to it. In that case Maven simply
has no plan at what to do with a swc or swf type project.

2. Confirms my assumption I did for point 1. From reading your error post, you are using an
insanely old version of Flexmojos 4.1-beta is from 02. Nov 2011. A lot has changed since then.
If you want to go for full Apache Flex support I would suggest you replace that plugin with
the latest version:


However this migration will not be completely painless, but rest asured that you only need
to do it once.

The thing is that the FDKs you are probably using were created by the original maintainer
of the flexmojos plugin. He wasn't allowed to continue distributing the FDKs publicly and
when I took over development of flexmojos the first thing for me to do, was create the "mavenizer"
which is now a part of Apache Flex.

This is a tool to automatically download FDKs and convert them into a mavenized form. Velo
originally didn't distinguish between Flash, Air and Flex so I changed the artifactIds and
groupIds of some of the dependencies to separate the parts more clearly.

You will have to change these coordinates to the new structure.

I wrote down some documentation on using the Mavenizer tool as well as setting up Apache Flex
builds with Flemojos

Documentation on how to use the Mavenizer:


In general all the pages under this page should be interesting:


A full pom with the most important settings are here:


Feel free to come back, if you need further assistence. And if you make sure you mention Maven
or flexmojos in the title somehow you can be sure I won't miss the thread [??]



Von: Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com>
Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. September 2016 17:09:50
An: users@flex.apache.org
Betreff: Re: Upgrading Flash builder from 4.5 codebase to 4.7 trouble :-)

Chris Dutz and other Maven folks, can you help with this question?


From: "Subbaiyan, Kalaivani" <kalaivani.subbaiyan@genpact.digital<mailto:kalaivani.subbaiyan@genpact.digital>>
Reply-To: "users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>" <users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>>
Date: Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 5:18 AM
To: "users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>" <users@flex.apache.org<mailto:users@flex.apache.org>>
Subject: Upgrading Flash builder from 4.5 codebase to 4.7 trouble :-)

Hi Support Team,

Hope you all good and doing well!

I was not getting solution from the Apache forum hence posting here. Requesting to help me
out as you are the expertise when we are in trouble.

I’m facing issue when I upgrade Flash builder from 4.5 codebase to 4.7. I’m summarizing
the technology/framework used to build an my current project and current stopper,

Front End – Adobe Flash builder 4.5 (text editor), Parsley, Cairngorm
Back End – Java, hibernate, Apache Maven, graniteds (version 2.3.0.GA) data services, graniteamf
channel (not remembered the version details)
Back end database – MySql

I’m sharing main POM files to get idea on client-server.

Back end used to generate classes of database entities (base, extended) and the same classes
are used to form object in the Flash/Flex application. All the services destination point
were declared in the configuration file (services-config.xml). PFA of services-config.xml.

Client side POM (Project Object Model) contains flex-maven plugin related dependencies, plugins,
repositories, versions, etc. I’m seeing more than one POM files in server folders however
sharing few for the reference. All the client and server folder/files are in root folder.
The POM of root level project also attached (refer file rootlevel-pom.xml). Attached client
side flex maven configuration POM (refer clientside-pom.xml)

Flash builder generates a build because we have to deploy it in S3 bucket. Hence we didn’t
used Maven to generate jar/war file. Services are deployed in S3 cloud server separately.

For FB  4.7, I have chosen 4.6 SDK. I was getting two major error when we compile the 4.5
application code base as below,

1.       “Project build error: Unknown packaging: swf pom.xml Maven pom Loading Problem”.
I think, different packaging  to be in place swf for FB 4.7.

2.       “Description       Resource             Path       Location               Type
Project build error: Unresolveable build extension: Plugin org.sonatype.flexmojos:flexmojos-maven-plugin:4.1-beta
or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: The following artifacts could not be resolved:
org.sonatype.flexmojos:flexmojos-maven-plugin:jar:4.1-beta, com.adobe.flex:compiler:pom:,
com.adobe.flex.compiler:asdoc:zip:template:, javax.persistence:persistence-api:jar:1.0,
javax.validation:validation-api:jar:1.0.0.GA, javax.jdo:jdo2-api:jar:2.3-eb, org.codehaus.groovy:groovy:jar:1.6.0,
antlr:antlr:jar:2.7.7, asm:asm:jar:2.2.3, com.thoughtworks.xstream:xstream:jar:1.2.2, org.graniteds:granite-core:jar:2.3.0.GA,
org.graniteds:granite-generator-share:jar:2.3.0.GA, org.graniteds:granite-generator:jar:2.3.0.GA,
org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-utils:jar:1.1: The repository system is offline but the artifact
org.sonatype.flexmojos:flexmojos-maven-plugin:jar:4.1-beta is not available in the local repository.
             pom.xml              /Flex      line 1     Maven pom Loading Problem”

Project flex compiler arguments are mentioned as,

-services  ../../flex-services/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml -include-libraries
libs/granite.swc -include-libraries libs/granite-essentials.swc -context-root / -source-path+=../src/locale/{locale}
-locale en_US -keep-all-type-selectors=true -optimize=true -keep-as3-metadata+=Inject -keep-as3-metadata+=PostConstruct
 -keep-as3-metadata+=Bindable  -keep-as3-metadata+=CommandResult  -keep-as3-metadata+=MessageHandler
 -keep-as3-metadata+=Autowired  -keep-as3-metadata+=MessageDispatcher   -keep-as3-metadata+=Waypoint
  -keep-as3-metadata+=Dispatcher   -keep-as3-metadata+=Landmark   -keep-as3-metadata+=Enter
  -keep-as3-metadata+=Exit   -keep-as3-metadata+=ExitInterceptor  -keep-as3-metadata+=CommandError
-show-unused-type-selector-warnings=false -debug=false

Thank you for your support.

Kalaivani Subbaiyan

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