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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: FlexJS application and swf mudoles
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 05:20:53 GMT

On 10/5/16, 10:06 PM, "Carlos Cruz" <carlos@nbtbizcapital.com> wrote:

>In my particular case the MAIN Application's main function is to control
>which module is active by controlling the active object in a ViewStack.
>The MAIN Application also displays the system alerts i.e. Calendar
>reminders. The main Modules are really separate applications, as a matter
>of fact for testing purposes they all have their own Top Application to
>load the main Module the "controller-module", the controller-modules then
>loads the other submodules as required. The 3 principle ways the Module
>communicate with the MAIN Application by in order of popular use: 1.
>Global variables, 2. Passing values In Events 3. RemoteObjects in
>conjunction with Red5. Beyond that the modules communicate directly with
>a Java backend via BlazeDS.
>Since I work on Enterprise applications I like to at least give the
>"illusion" the user is using a single screen application, that is why I
>also use Dojo for some of the other work I do.
>If my application HAS to become multiple separate applications (ie CRM,
>Calendar) I presume a couple of ways to pass data around would via
>WebSockets or even BlazeDS.

Well, when you mix JS and SWFs you can't talk between them with globals
and events.  I think most folks use ExternalInterface.  But even then, the
data is "converted" across the boundary.

When we get around to it, a FlexJS module would compile to be a SWF and/or
a JS file.  ModuleManager/ModuleLoader would load a SWF when running in
SWF mode, and load a JS file when running in HTML/JS.  That way you have
SWFs talking to other SWFs and JS talking to other JS and then globals and
events should still work.

Mixing SWFs and JS will be more difficult.

It might be better to experiment with porting the main application and one
module so the communication doesn't have to cross the SWF/JS boundary.  Of
course, somebody would have to create the FlexJS versions of
ModuleManager/ModuleLoader first.

If you want to head down that road, let us know and maybe some volunteers
will help get you started.


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