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From Lane <lanefrie...@hotmail.com>
Subject FlexJS tying into HTML
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 11:15:15 GMT
I'm really enjoying FlexJS. I can't believe that I'm using MXML and it's 
working directly on a browser. Finally, a way to build a platform-agnostic 
Rich Internet Application that can't be stopped by anyone!

One question: How does one bring up the functional equivalent to an 
ActionScript MXML TextArea that can handle html? Now that one is accessing 
javascript within a browser, is it possible in some way to tie into the 
browser? Just the simple things - bold, italics, centered headings, embedded 
images that move with the text. Is it possible to instantiate (using 
ActionScript) some explanatory html-formatted text with a few small embedded 
images when the user presses a button.

There are tutorials at http://nextgenactionscript.com/tutorials/ but they 
don't seem to have what I need (or perhaps I don't recognize it when I'm 
staring at it).

The ideal would be to embed the formatted text into the application so that 
it looks like a TextArea. Failing that, I suppose a popup from the browser 
might work (if ActionScript can generate it and communicate with it). I'm 
not sure how a mobile device would handle that, or if users would like it.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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