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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Loading Multiple images
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2016 17:07:04 GMT
To be clear, I don't have a budget to pay you to work on FlexJS.  What I'm
saying is that, while you have to find someone to pay you, if you are on
the leading edge of a growing technology, you have a better chance of
finding someone to pay you.  Unfortunately, the only way to become
proficient at FlexJS right now, if you don't already have an employer, is
to jump into using and writing the code for no pay in hopes that you will
learn, make the technology better and then a customer will pay you for
your knowledge and ability.  Recently, I was contacted by a company in
Europe who probably would have hired someone who really knew FlexJS for a
month or two to assess the effort of porting their Flex app to FlexJS.
I'm not allowed to do such work right now because I am a full-time Adobe
employee, so all I could do was recommend that the company contact folks
they see on our mailing lists and see if they can help.  Will there be
another opportunity like that?  Don't know but sure hope so.  And folks
who have truly learned FlexJS under the hood are more likely to get my

So for you, it would be a gamble.  You wouldn't get paid until you can
learn enough and do enough to convince someone else besides me to hire you.

In the interim, it isn't clear why you are having trouble finding
employment.  I know plenty of people of all shapes and sizes who are doing
ok in this industry.  It might have to do with your ability to see value
in yourself and negotiate proper pay.  You might try a company like
TekSystems (https://www.teksystems.com/en) to help be your "agent" in
finding employment.  I haven't worked with them myself, but they help
sponsor a Seattle MeetUp so that's how I know about them.


On 8/28/16, 8:22 AM, "CodeGirl" <MichelleNicholes@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Yes, the local farmer does know I am here.  He does not have internet.
>he has a jealous wife and so I have to keep away.  Yes, I have been
>for work all along.  But it appears my being 53 and over weight is not
>they are looking for.  Too bad I didnt know you would have been interested
>in using me before.  I am about to lose my cell phone again on Wednesday.
> I
>will lose my electric about a month from now.  So I am in real trouble.
>Cell, no internet.  No electric, no computer.  I think you know as well
>as I
>do that not knowing a language or framework is not all that big of a deal
>you are a good programmer.  I have been programming since I was 17 back in
>1979 when we used trash 80s and punch cards for a Sys/36.  Programming has
>been my life even though I have done most of it for myself and not getting
>paid to do it.  People never seemed to appreciate me doing it for them.  I
>have no idea what I am about to face when the power goes off.  I just
>wish I
>had of found someone who would have seen my value and would have paid me
>I could at least have earned a living.  The guy who wanted the barn
>he didnt want to pay for it.  There is an app out there already.  They
>want his profit to use it.  I guess he hoped I would be cheaper than they
>were.  Its just that what little money I had ran out before I could find
>if this effort would have resulted in some level of pay.
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