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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: FlexJS: Circular Dependency
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2016 00:33:38 GMT

On 8/16/16, 2:20 PM, "Peter Ent" <pent@adobe.com> wrote:

>I wanted to post what I've done before I commit the code to get an idea if
>this is the right approach.
>Background: a circular dependency is when class A references class B which
>references class B. Pretty simple.
>In many of the FlexJS examples, there are circular dependencies between
>the application class and the application's controller. For example,
>DataBindingExampleApp references its controller, MyController, which has a
>reference back to the application. Likewise, the TodoListSampleApp
>references its controller which holds a reference to the app class. The
>objective in both examples is provide the controller with a reference to
>the model.
>In both of these cases, my solution is to remove the explicit reference to
>the application (eg, DataBindingExample) in the controller and replace it
>with the Application class and then extract what it needs into local

The above sounds like a good plan.

>However, MobileTrader is bit trickier. MobileTrader has several mobile
>"views" and each has its own controller. The circular dependency in this
>case is between these secondary views and their respective controllers.
>The way I approached this was to make a new interface in the MobileTrader
>example src, called "IBeadControllerWithModel" which extends
>IBeadController and adds a getter/setter for a model. Now the view can
>simple reference its controller using this new interface and set the model
>so the controller can now modify it.

I don't know this code very well, but I poked around a bit and it appears
the view knows about the controller only because it is assigning the model
to the controller.  IMO, the controller should pick up the model from the
strand.  If it is a timing issue where the model isn't set when the
controller is put on the strand, the controller should be able to look for
a modelChange event or maybe even initComplete.


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