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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: Why are Spark Datagrid headers sorting my data so slowly in Air?
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 04:48:39 GMT

> I store the dates in my database as integers, and then convert it to simply days in my
> arraycollection when I populate it, so it should not be a complex object. 

Do you have any formatters? I see you do below, so in that case it will be called (for every
item) when sorting. Adding a custom sort function to sort on the raw values rather than the
formatted ones should improve that. Assuming the sort order still makes sense.

> The only other thing that I did is I converted all of the objects in my
> ArrayCollection to objectProxies

I think (but not tested obviously) you'll find much better performance if you don’t use
Object/ObjectProxy but create a (non dynamic) named class with named bindable properties.

> I have installed Scout if there is anything in particular that you would
> like to see.

Just look at the self times and see where the majority of time goes. That should be a good
start to track down the issue and more importantly test things as you make a few changes.

It looks to me like the sorting is only taking 25% or so of the time so there may be something
bigger in there? Sorry it’s hard to tell from a just couple of screen shots, others may
have better insights than me.

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