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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Apache Flex SDK installer problem
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:05:09 GMT
Can you check you are using the develop branch of flex?  Also, it might be
better to use the HEAD of the repo instead of a tag.  The URLs for some of
the downloads should have been updated.  The build from HEAD worked for me.


On 6/24/16, 8:03 AM, "santanu4ver" <santanu4ver@gmail.com> wrote:

>Thank you for replying, Alex.
>We followed the instructions as given in repo to run in Flash Builder; and
>the project itself started without giving any error so far.
>Alex Harui wrote
>> I'm not sure the project file is up to date.  I haven't used it in a
>> time.  It might be better to get the Ant build to work first.  It will
>> download things.
>The Ant build itself breaking at some point downloading SimpleUntar file:
>[get] Can't get http://as3-simple-untar.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src/de/ke
>tzler/utils/SimpleUntar.as to
>If I understood correctly, the Ant build downloading only few things those
>are requires to build ant_on_air project:
>1. de/ketzler/utils/*
>2. com/probertson/utils/*
>3. as3commons-zip-1.0.0-alpha.1.swc
>I can confirm that I have all those files in my local now, irrespective of
>running the Ant build script. And moreover when we compile through Flash
>Builder those library files all became compiled with alone with their
>necessities, and we hadn't any break/error during compilation. So I think
>the build is fine also..
>Alex Harui wrote
>> That's pretty old.  Not sure how well it works.  Why not try 4.15.0?
>I tested with 4.15.0 also and it reported with same error.
>Alex Harui wrote
>> This may also be an issue of how the Ant build works.  There are classes
>> linked into ant_on_air that aren't found through a dependency search
>> because the ant_on_air tasks are plugins.
>As I mentioned the Ant build script's doing above for ant_on_air, do you
>think I should take a look into something else (?) The installer project
>breaking for us and we really want it to work for us here. Do you think
>want to take a look into the source those we have, so you can suggest us
>with more specific, Alex (?)
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