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From Julien Desquenne <jdesque...@polyedre.fr>
Subject Re: Bad Datagrid scrolling performance on Yoga3 (core i5 / geforce 940M)
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2016 19:33:33 GMT
Sorry for late answer.

Thanks for your answer Alex Harui.
I now have other computers which have the same problem, with different 

To be more accurate :
- the datagrid uses different ItemRender for columns and they are 
dynamically modified with the data.
   (depending of the data, the 1st column can display a checkbox, the 
2nd a textinput, the 3rd an image, etc)
- i made a test : i remove every itemRenderer and I let the datagrid 
with default column, and the scroll is fluid. Like other computer.
- i used the profiler and saw that there is a memory leak when I scroll 
on the datagrid with the itemRenderers enabled.
   it seems that new Itemrenderer are created when I scroll, and the old 
ones are not freed.

I found this article : 

I modified the "new ClassFactory()" as adviced but it doesn't resolve 
the problem.
Do you think it can be resolved by using an "universal" ItemRenderer 
which has a Combobox, a CheckBox, and Image etc and display only what 
necessary ?

Or do you have any other advices ?

Thanks for help !

Le 24/02/2016 16:49, Alex Harui a écrit :
> Try running a performance profiler (either Adobe Scout or Adobe Flash
> Builder) and compare output on the slow vs fast machines.
> Also, think about differences, even small ones:
> -Are both fast and slow computers running Win10?
> -Are both using the same anti-virus memory scanners?
> -Is the actual size of the DG's columns and rows exactly the same number
> of pixels?
> -Is the slower computer using a higher-resolution display?
> All of the above can contribute to the problem. I even saw one case where
> the newer computer was running a different Windows theme so the browser
> chrome was a couple of pixels smaller which made the DG column a couple of
> pixels wider which made the text flow work harder trying to compute the
> line breaks.
> -Alex
> On 2/24/16, 6:15 AM, "Julien Desquenne" <jdesquenne@polyedre.fr> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a AIR performance problem on Yoga3 computer (Intel core i5-5200U,
>> Nvidia GeForce 940M / Intel Graphics HD 5500,  Samsung SSD PM851 256 Go,
>> 8Go Ram, Windows 10)
>> When I'm scrolling on a Datagrid, the renderer takes about 1 or 2
>> seconds to scroll, whereas it's immediate on other computers (even 5-8
>> years old computers)
>> I tried lot of graphics settings (disable Intel HD Graphics, every
>> settings on high performance) but still this scrolling bad performance.
>> Any ideas / experience to share ?
>> Does it exist AIR benchmarks tests ?
>> Thanks for your help

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