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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Updating className
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 15:08:49 GMT

On 3/16/16, 12:53 AM, "OK" <OKrueger@edscha.com> wrote:

>Thanks for your detailed explanation Alex!
>Only to give you some feedback as application developer:
>For me there's no concern to have a vast number of beads where we can
>from as long there's a fair chance to find the beed wich best fits the
>during application development ;-)

Yep.  Deciding which bead to use could be challenging, but I believe we
may write tools to help you figure it out, and/or the cost of trying a
bead will be low enough that you can quickly try it and toss it out.  And
as I just said to santanu, common combinations of beads can be composited
into a single bead to simply your choices, but usually at a cost.

In the US, there are some big hardware stores with dozens of tool choices.
 I went to buy a drill the other day and there were probably 40 drills of
different shapes, sizes and prices.  I finally picked one and it turned
out to be good enough.  If it wasn't I would have returned it.  But some
day, if I find it is too big to fit in a small space I need to drill in, I
may need to go back and get a smaller one.

The direct analogy to Flex and FlexJS is that Flex had one big drill with
dozens of options on it.  You could grab it and use it on most jobs.  But
when you needed to optimize for size, you couldn't make it smaller or
lighter.  In FlexJS, by starting with individual pieces, we guarantee that
you can make things smaller even if the first drill you buy is composited
with dozens of options.

So in both real hardware stores and FlexJS, you can start with the one
with more options that will work in most cases, and then worry about
optimization later, but at least you will have a choice.


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