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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: FlexJS HTTPService for XML parsing
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2016 07:36:32 GMT

On 3/7/16, 10:44 PM, "santanu4ver" <santanu4ver@gmail.com> wrote:

>Alex Harui wrote
>> Is HTTPService.json not working in the bin/js-debug version as well as
>> bin/js-release?  Does a network monitor show the same data being
>> from the server as in the SWF version?
>Right. HTTPService.json or HTTPService.data I found not available when run
>as HTML in different browsers other than Safari in Windows and OSX.
>IE only worked after enabling 'activeX' control when prompted.

Maybe I wasn't clear in my question.  When you run the FalconJX compiler,
it generates both a bin/js-debug/index.html and a
bin/js-release/index.html.  The one in js-release could have more issues
since it allows for property renaming.  I'm trying to determine if you
have tried the version in bin/js-debug/index.html.

If you have, it is probably worth checking with a Network Monitor to see
if the HTML version is requesting the same URL as the SWF version and
whether the same data comes back.
>Alex Harui wrote
>> Also, try the DataBindingExample in examples/flexjs.  It works for me on
>> MacOSX Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
>I am following that example too, but none of those examples were using
>HTTPService.json to generate ValueObjects. I used custom JSONInputParser
>JSONItemConverter now which added Firefox in working list (as I mentioned
>my last post).

Can you put together a small test case?  A JSONInputParser is handed the
HTTPService.data property so for it to work but your own access to
HTTPService.data does not work is rather strange.

Thanks for your patience.

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