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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] Some general questions
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2016 06:47:03 GMT

On 1/17/16, 11:49 AM, "OK" <OKrueger@edscha.com> wrote:

>I've started playing around with FlexJS and have some (perhaps stupid)
>1) Can be pure ActionScript "non UI .swc libraries", that are already used
>with the standard SDK, still used with FlexJS? (I've made some tests with
>PureMVC and it seems that it works)

Any library without dependencies on Flash has a chance of working when
cross-compiled.  But we don't have cross-compilation support for E4X
working yet, nor do we have reflection/introspection APIs.  Also, the
event lifecycle for FlexJS is different as well.  But we are interested in
seeing what it would take to get them to work.  Depending on how my
attempt to make a more Spark-like component set goes, it might help make
more of these libraries work.

>2) Is there an equivalent to <s:module> implemented and if so, could
>modules used with the standard SDK?

We have not implemented modules yet in FlexJS.  Once we do, you should be
able to load a FlexJS module SWF, but then I don't know how well it would
work.  Why do you want to load FlexJS modules into a Flex app?

>3) Is it possible to integrate third party JS UI libraries (especially one
>of the material design libs out there) and if so, what effort does it

Yes.  We have prototypes of using GoogleMaps, CreateJS, Jquery and
Jasmine.  Depending on how well you want the SWF version to work, you
create AS classes that implement the same functionality or just act as
"mocks", or skip using the SWF altogether and just use what we call
"externs swcs": a swc of empty API definitions.  Having a SWF version lets
you debug your code with a strict runtime which can be quite useful for
catching integration issues sooner.

>4) Can FlexJS target AIR?

Yes, the GoogleMaps demo and CordovaCameraExample use AIR to run the SWF.
To run the cross-compiled version we are targeting Cordova/PhoneGap since
it is an Apache project, and supports a wider variety of runtime
configurations.  We have not tried to publish a JS app that runs in AIR.


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