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From OK <OKrue...@edscha.com>
Subject [Flex JS] How to create a SWC library file
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2016 09:16:55 GMT
Hey Alex,
to be cleaner and more comprehensible I've extract this issue from the other
thread and create a new one.

Alex Harui wrote
> Ah yes, that made me realize that we haven't implemented auto-packaging of
> the JS files in the SWC.  We are currently doing that via Ant script.  So
> for now, there are some additional steps.  After making sure the PureMVC
> code compiled to be a SWC without any errors in the Problems tab, the next
> step is to try to cross-compile it into a set of JS files.  Try running
> "External tools" -> "FlexJS CompC".
> That will expose any Flash dependencies in the PureMVC code.  It will
> probably also expose any dependencies on the regular Flex SDK which might
> have dependencies on Flash.  But if that does compile without errors, then
> it should output a pile of JS files, one for each AS file.  If you get
> errors, you will have to figure out what modifications to make to PureMVC
> to get rid of those errors.  Feel free to ask here.  I'm doing a similar
> exercise with the Spark and MX SWCs right now.
> Then, once the cross-compile is free of errors, you can either create an
> Ant script like we have for the FlexJS swcs to package the JS files into
> the SWC, or try telling FB to include those files, or, instead of using
> "External tools" -> FlexJS (FalconJX...) to compile the app, make a copy
> of that external tool and add an additional -sdk-js-lib= parameter
> pointing to the folder of JS files. 

To be sure that the PureMVC code generally works with FlexJS, I've just
copied the PureMVC sources to my FlexJS test project and cross-compiled it
using FalconJX... and this works!

But creating the swc fails, these are the steps that I've done:
- Running "External tools" -> "FlexJS CompC" creates all .js files without
any errors
- Then I've tried to create the .swc using the third method that you've
described... without succes :-(
- - I've made a copy of the FlexJS (FalconJX...) external tool
- - Modify the "Arguments" to: -fb "${project_loc}"
- - Running the modified "External tools" fails with following error:

exception 'java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash
Builder 4.7 (64

Of course the .actionScriptProperties can't be found cause it's inside root
directory of the project.
How am I supposed to do that?

Thanks for help,

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