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From dustfin...@starbucksoftware.com
Subject Re: Flex-sdk on linux
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2015 12:21:15 GMT
Hi Tom,

I am a little confused about the instructions from
says that the ant based installer does not require adobe air, but then a
few lines down it reads:
Now enter the unpacked directory and run the installer. You will need to
tell it to download the last version of the AIR SDK that ran on
Linux. You can leave this argument off on other platforms.

cd apache-flex-sdk-4.12.0-bin/

ant -f installer.xml -Dair.sdk.version=2.6
It appears to ask the reader to download the last version of adobe-air that was
released for linux. At least, it looks like that is what the instructions are telling
ant to do. Doesn't that contradict the previous statement that the ant
installer does not require adobe-air?

If it is the case that the ant based installer is just downloading
adobe-air for me then is just as easy for me to
download the old adobe air src and compile everything.

Please let me know if you think I am miss-interpreting something.


Trevor Wilson

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