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From Scott Matheson <sc...@matheson.it>
Subject RSLs
Date Sat, 12 Dec 2015 21:10:38 GMT
Hi in our app we have a lot of MP3s 1Gb in total, these are spread over 150 skills, a skill
would the about 6Mb of sound, in toto we have about 15,000 2sec sound clips 

In a school you may a number of students all working on the same skills, a skill would be
about 100 sound clips, there No shared sound between skills 

Today we download the sound clips as we render the item, this has worked well for 18 months
however a small number of schools have issue with networks, also some schools are in remote
location, Jamaica, Falkland Island or just out of the way location in the US, these schools
may be using caching capability but we have no control on this, network cost can be high for
these schools 

We have consider an AIR app, however this approach has other issue in schools 

I was thinking we could create a RSL for each skill, then let flex download as needed, we
believe this library would stay on the PC so the second time the kids need this skill the
sound will be there, is there limits to the size of SRL that can be stored ?

We could also request a RSL before the student needs this skill, we know what the kids will
work on next 

Are there limits of RSL, are the any downsides to RSL, is this a good architectural approach

Any input is welcomed 


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