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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Not able to pass Object from stagewebview to javascript function
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2015 16:38:54 GMT
Is your JS function being called, but just not with the right value?

If so, I would just JSON to stringify the object.


On 11/9/15, 3:42 AM, "Manohar Jeyaraj" <manume98@gmail.com> wrote:

>ExternalInterface is not available as I am using this in mobile
>application. Hence I am using stagewebview.
>I am using stagewebview(to display HTML Google map)  to call a javascript
>function in flex mobile application.
>I am passing a selected item value(from flex) to a javascript function
>webView.loadURL(“javascript:myfunction(‘” + lst.selectedItem[‘name’] +
>and in my html file  when i add an alert i am getting the value too.
>But the problem is that the required function is working only when i add
>under onload in body as below:
><body onload="myfunction('value')">
>but when i remove the onload method from the body of html and call it from
>flex the required action is not happening inside the JS function.
>Kindly help me out on what is causing the issue?

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