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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Flex 4.15.0
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2015 17:54:33 GMT

On 11/4/15, 7:03 AM, "Kunal Jaura" <kunal.jaura@crmantra.com> wrote:

>Hi Alex,
>We've been working on Mobile apps using Flex-AIR for the last 4 years.
>With all the hoopla around 'Flash dying' my boss has been after me to
>figure out if we need to move to a new technology with 'more community
>The reason I asked about this was to get an idea on what Apache Flex has
>in terms of a roadmap for enhancements/ new features for Flex. I do see a
>lot of activity & excitement around FlexJS but haven’t heard much on the
>Flex SDK side.
>I've been a fan of Flex for years now and I guess I'm looking for help
>from this group to get something to counter my boss's point that  'the
>support for Flex is diminishing & it’s a dying toolset'.

IMO, one of the main goals of FlexJS is to be the next generation of Flex
where you can leverage your existing code and truly not have to worry
about the future of Adobe runtimes (which, as far as I can tell, aren’t
going away any time soon).

That’s why there is more energy being spent on FlexJS.  In theory your
manager could not have such an opinion of FlexJS was ready to run your app.

I don’t know how much code you have, but consider the cost of trying to
migrate it to some other language vs making fewer changes and getting it
to run without Flash/AIR via FlexJS.

One problem we face right now is that we don’t have enough folks working
on FlexJS to help it mature faster.  I wish I could convince more managers
to let folks like you devote even an hour a week to working with FlexJS.
It should still be less costly than a full port to another language.

And think about it this way: what could be put into a Flex 4.15.0 that
would convince your manager to change his mind.  If you can, try to help
your manager see that, unlike a product sold by a for-profit company like
Adobe, Apache Flex is a project supported by a community, and folks like
you can become a committer in that community, which essentially gives your
company true influence on the future of Flex at Apache.  You can be the
one to commit the bug fixes, generate the releases, etc.  No other company
can prevent that from happening.  That’s why folks like you need to get
involved enough to obtain committer and PMC member rights.  That’s what
best guarantees the future of the technology.


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