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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Flexmojos with Debug true in module ensures styles are embedded but debug false does not???
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2015 17:01:18 GMT
Normally, when I see FlexMojos mentioned I stop reading because I don’t
know much about it.

However I did read far enough in this case to wonder if this is truly
Maven/FlexMojos related or if you can reproduce this without

The process of optimizing any module, even without Maven, involves taking
a list of classes that you can count on being already loaded by the main
app or RSLs or some other way, and removing them from the module to cut
down on the module's size.  The list of classes generally comes from
link-reports from the main app and/or other pre-loaded SWFs.

So the puzzle for me is:
1) Why aren’t these icons already loaded?
2) Why do you want to load these icons?

For #1, I'd guess you have a relatively small main app that doesn’t have a
Tree in it and the module is trying to load styles for a Tree.  But the
Tree should be pre-loaded before the module and thus already searched for
and found the icons.  So maybe you have a load order problem, or an
applicationDomain problem where the module is getting loaded where it
can’t see the Tree.

For #2, like I hinted in the answer for #1, I don’t quite get why Tree’s
icons are in the style module and not baked into what ever module is
loading the Tree.

BTW, there is a -keep-all-type-selectors option that might solve this
problem if you use that option on the main app.


On 9/10/15, 8:24 AM, "Davori" <don.fasanya@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all I have a module that has an autogenerated styles file that
>_Module_Styles_ and it when I build the module with debug true is works
>when I try to optmise it for production by setting it to debug false it
>not load and gives me a reference error stating variables have no value as
>in my last post in this forum.
>This is hindering the release of our Fund Management application - I am
>using incremental build as false
>with the tag   <incremental>false</incremental> it's making no difference.
>Any suggestions please
>have thought of going to FMojos 7, however this means a lot of work
>remavenising our framework to the apache artifacts, is there any
>Thanks in advance,
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