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From Lou <lh.fx...@gmail.com>
Subject Anyone developing with FDT on Linux?
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2015 01:56:33 GMT
Been trying to get Flex running/debugging working from FDT either in a
browser or using AIR (2.6). With AIR I get this: 

(adl:5572): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in
module_path: "oxygen-gtk",
error while loading initial content

Linux related obviously, but a little disappointed with the "detail" of
the error reporting from AIR here.

With a web project it's a more trivial problem which I can probably work
out eventually, but what's happening is my browser is downloading a swf
instead of opening it in the browser. Not really too unexpected since
there isn't any HTML wrapper file in this generated project that I can
see. I would have thought FDT would generate a wrapper like FB does, but
I guess not. 

I really want to get FDT working rather than IntelliJ (Flex is a first
class citizen with FDT).

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