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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Flex mobile - Screen is flickering on animations after app was in background
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2015 15:23:10 GMT
Well, the idea behind changing frame rate when going into the background
is that you don’t need smooth animations you can’t see, and lower frame
rate saves battery.

Now if there is a bug on one device where, when you switch frame rates and
then set it back but it doesn’t actually restore to the new frame rate,
then that is either a bug in the device or AIR.  A simple, no-Flex test
might prove that if you have time to create one.  If you hook up an
enterFrame event, and use getTimer() to display how often you get
enterFrame you can show how actual frame rate compares to stage frame rate.


On 8/5/15, 7:13 AM, "chris_d_k" <ck@christiankiefer.de> wrote:

>Currently the issue doesn't exist anymore with buttons... only lists or
>When I have sent the app to the background and reactivate it again and
>scroll a list everything is blinking but not the list which is scrolling -
>the same with animations... (Animation in fine, everything else is
>and once the activeView is changed everything is working fine again...
>*But the problem is really the frame rate!!!* - witout changing the
>framerate everything is working correctly ... but it is bad practice... or
>        private function onApplicationActivate(event:Event):void
>        {
>//            app.stage.frameRate = 30;
>                sendNotification(AppConstants.APP_ACTIVATED);
>        }
>        private function onApplicationDeactivate(event:Event):void
>        {
>//                app.stage.frameRate = 1;
>                sendNotification(AppConstants.APP_DEACTIVATED);
>        }
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