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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: DropDownList in DataGroup
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:35:12 GMT
Sorry, my eyes kept seeing DataGroup as DataGrid.

But effectively, all the code you need is probably in DataGrid so you
might want to at least start with code from DataGrid in trying to solve
these problems, or just switch to DataGrid.

You might need to play with the focus-related properties in order to get
the DDL to work.

Regarding scrolling to the end, you might just need a validateNow() call
in case the new “end” hasn’t been fully computed yet.

On 3/12/15, 11:15 AM, "olegkon" <olegkon@gmail.com> wrote:

>>Did you try: ensureCellIsVisible()?
>Hmm, I thought it is a method in DataGrid...  which Cell ?
>No DataGrids in my code there, but a DataGroup.
>ComboBoxGridItemEditor ?   Again, there is no Grid or DataGrid in my code,
>it is more about   DropDownList (or maybe ComboBox if I can disable
>text there),
>DataGroup and Scroller.
>Are you responding to a different post?
>The problem I am having with the Scroller is that even if I use
>scroller.viewport.verticalScrollPosition +=
> or scroller.viewport.verticalScrollPosition +=
>dataGroup.getElementAt(0).height * ac.length;
>it only moves scroller to the row before the last, not the last one.
>I tried to add something extra like dataGroup.getElementAt(0).height or 2
>3 of those, but still the same result.   Is there a better solution to it?
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