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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Flex Client-Server Messaging Howto, BlazeDS, GraniteDS, Websockets
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 23:14:20 GMT

On 12/15/14, 2:29 PM, "shaack" <shaack@gmail.com> wrote:

>What we just need for our project is a stable and easy to use messaging
>system for Flex clients. Being in the beginning of the project the
>should be also future oriented, which means it should be a technology
>will be supported also in a few years, and it would be great if it could
>base on a standard technology which could also be used from native clients
>on iOS or Android.
>In my research I found the two main more or less proprietary server
>libraries, GraniteDS and BlazeDS.
># BlazeDS
>There seems to be no current release version of BlazeDS, no public version
>in maven repositories of BlazeDS 4 and I found information about a memory
>leak existing till 4 years:
>http://in-finite.me/fixing-blazeds-polling-amf-memory-leak/. This makes me
>wonder, if it is just pushed to Apache to have there its occupational

Adobe donated BlazeDS so it can be supported indefinitely if there is a
community willing to do so.  On the dev@flex.apache.org mailing list there
is a discussion going on right now about making the first Apache Flex
BlazeDS release.  And if that bug does exist in the Apache Flex code base,
anyone in the community is welcome to provide a patch for it.


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