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From OmPrakash Muppirala <bigosma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Public campaign to improve FlashDevelop specifically for Apache Flex
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 06:05:22 GMT
Thanks folks, for your work on this!  We really appreciate it.  Having a
true, cross-platform, open-source alternative to Flash Builder would be a
big deal for Apache Flex.

For those who are interested in helping this initiative, for my part, I
recently contributed to the IndieGoGo project that supports this project.
Please see this link for more details [1]  and support the initiative if
you can!


[1] https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flashdevelop-improved-flex-support

On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 12:17 AM, Santanu Karar <Santanu@prominic.net>

> Hello Everyone,
> For me its an honour to work with Flex and Apache continues its legacy
> after Adobe, thanks to Apache Flex Team, for that.
> I take out one IDE comparison between Flash Develop and Flash Builder
> sometime ago, as an evaluation process to choose Flash Develop as an
> alternative to Flash Builder; Its true Flash Builder is an old player in
> the block and most matured one, too. We are seeking if a few of these
> following issues can be addressed by Flash Develop to come out as a bright
> opponent (to Flash Builder) as well; Some of the following issue(s) may
> already solved/hasSolution which I may not know, you/anyone is very welcome
> to address the solution as well.
> Please, have a look.
>  *Description*
> *FD*
> *FB*
> *Comments* SDK setup is Easy
> X
> *√*
> FD gives option to setup many type of SDKs at startup. This includes Haxe,
> Apache Flex SDKs etc. However, I couldn’t able to run any project running
> with Apache Flex SDK and AIR 14.0. Even everything seem mapped well (SDK
> path) running any AIR application with AIR SDK 14.0 throws compiler error
> while run saying unrecognised namespace (14.0). Only able to AIR project
> with AIR 4.0 - I've noticed this issue in both my Mac and Windows setup -
> Later when I uninstalled completely from Windows machine and re-setup FD
> and its SDKs Without 'Flex SDK 4.6 & AIR 4.0' but 'Apache Flex SDK 13.1 &
> AIR 14.0', I able to run a project with AIR 14.0 runtime; these setup and
> run with appropriate SDK seems troublesome to me. Changing SDK updates
> requisite properties in application descriptor file, in AIR
> X
> *√*
> FD never updates application namespace in descriptor file when changed AIR
> SDK in a project GUI friendliness (based on my preferences)
> *√*
> *√*
> Creating a Library Project in easy steps
> X
> *√*
> FD has no template type to create a Library Project neither it has any
> compiler/publish option to specify a project requires to compile as a
> Library Project (SWC). Easy access to different project workspace
> *√*
> *√*
> FD anyway shows only one project at a time in its Project panel where FB
> gives much more access to different projects at a same time. Changing
> project workspace each time in FD is somewhat killing efficiency. Running
> different projects is Easy
> X
> *√*
> Since FD gives one project workspace access at a time (through its Project
> panel), it needs everytime to change that workspace to a different project
> view to run that particular project Running AIR SDK 14.0 project
> X
> *√*
> With regular installation of FD with 'Apache Flex SDK and AIR SDK 14.0'
> installed (or mapped manually), there were multiple occasions when I never
> able to run an application but received an exception ‘Invalid application
> descriptor: Unknown namespace: *http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/14.0*
> <http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/14.0>’ - even when application
> mapped to run with appropriate SDKs. I only able to run an AIR application
> with namespace 4.0 (AIR SDK 4.0); Following these complexities I found
> using FB is much more easy than FD. Running an application on browser
> X
> *√*
> I am not sure if there is a way or able to run a web application in a
> browser in FD - I am also not sure if this is the general behaviour in FD
> but this only opens a stand-alone Flash Player window in such cases to run
> a project. If this a behaviour of FD I wonder how to test/debug a project
> directly in browser when its a necessity, i.e. testing JavaScript
> interaction with Flex project. Jump to definition (Ctrl+Click)
> X
> *√*
> Its a must-needed feature for an IDE but missing in FD. Jumping to ANY
> definition by CTRL+Click on any component reference is a much required
> feature which I think available in most of the IDEs today, but its not
> available in FD. Right-click and Goto Declaration only available in API
> default classes even not for properties. Content Assist menu (Ctrl+Space)
> X
> *√*
> Although FD gives this feature to open Content Assist menu, it does not
> work inside parentheses persistently. As an example I’d like to have
> available values for a particular property when the cursor stays inside the
> parentheses for a property (i.e. horizontalAlign=””); this increases typo
> many a time. Declaring a particular component is Easy
> X
> *√*
> Unlike FB, FD doesn’t give any option to declare many additional property
> except the file name - for a MXML class. A MXML class file can be of varied
> type with different properties which can be define in creation time in FB
> but not in FD. It just straight creates an Application type of MXML and
> that is all. Thankfully for .AS class type it gives a dialogue like FB
> where user can define many such properties for the AS class. Importing
> component from an attached library project is Easy
> X
> *√*
> Importing a component from attached Library project is not that easy in FD
> - the component never comes in Content Assist menu (Ctrl+Space) until you
> manually declare its ‘xmlns’ path in importing container’s declaration tag
> - this is very much automated in FB, though. Coding easiness
> X
> *√*
> Curly brackets never gets closed automatically in FD. Running
> multi-library project
> X
> *√*
> I never able to run a project stitched in a multi-library manner in FD
> (Main calls LibA where LibA calls LiB). Help is right on tool-tip
> X
> *√*
> Its a handy feature where FB shows Help block as tooltip when accessing
> any component/class through Content Assists menu (Ctrl+Space). Just
> hovering the cursor over a declared component/reference also shows help
> block which is very handy time to time. FD unfortunately doesn’t have such
> feature.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Santanu Karar
> santanu@Prominic.NET | Skype: santanuprominic
> Mob: +91 98364 68934
> [image: Inactive hide details for Justin M. Hill---23/09/2014 09:32:45
> AM---Apache Flex Team, I attended the Flex 360 conference with m]Justin
> M. Hill---23/09/2014 09:32:45 AM---Apache Flex Team, I attended the Flex
> 360 conference with many of you earlier this year in San Jose.
>    From:
> Justin M. Hill/A55555/PNI
>    To:
> dev@flex.apache.org
>    Cc:
> Héctor A <neverbirth@gmail.com>, Mika Palmu <mika@j3r.com>, V
> Chandrasekhar <shakervc@yahoo.com>, Santanu Karar/A55C03/PNI@PNI, Walker
> L. Dalton/A55E1D/PNI@PNI, Joel C. Anderson/A55D78/PNI@PNI
>    Date:
> 23/09/2014 09:32 AM
>    Subject:
> Public campaign to improve FlashDevelop specificall for Apache Flex
> ------------------------------
> Apache Flex Team,
> I attended the Flex 360 conference with many of you earlier this year in
> San Jose.  While I do not follow the list daily, I know you are all working
> very hard and we appreciate it very much.
> One of the most important things Apache Flex needs to succeed is a 100%
> free, easy to use, cross platform IDE which runs on Mac, Linux, and
> Windows.   Obviously Flash Builder, FDT, and IntelliJ are all options
> already.
> When I started to evaluate the next investment we would make in IDE
> tooling post-Adobe, I came across this comparison:
> http://www.simtechmedia.com/blog/2010/10/ide-showdown-intellij-fdt-flashdevelop-2/
> This in turn got me interested in FlashDevelop.   Even though it was
> Windows-only, I decided to work with my contacts at
> https://www.codeweavers.com (a commercial support company for WINE) to
> get it working under our standard development platform: Mac.
> In a relatively short period of time, I was able to get FlashDevelop to
> work on Mac.  I then made a nominal donation to Mika (one of the
> FlashDevelop project leads) to alert him to this breakthrough and encourage
> him to spend time testing on Mac.  He also found it to be mostly a success.
>   Mika then went on to create a CrossTie installer which makes it easier
> for other users to install FlashDevelop on Mac and Linux using CrossOver.
> [Side note for Mac and Linux users:  I realize CrossOver is commercial and
> if it is a dependency for FlashDevelop on Mac and Linux, it is not totally
> free on those platforms.  I am not concerned with that and hope the topic
> does not steer in that direction.]
> I then asked Santanu, Walker, and Joel to review Flash Builder compared to
> FlashDevelop on Mac to determine what else needs to make FlashDevelop an
> acceptable replacement for Flash Builder.    Santanu produced a PDF which I
> will ask him to reply to this message in text form with the contents of the
> PDF in a text readable fashion so that it is readable on the mailing list.
> I asked Mika to commit to a full test of all FlashDevelop features on Mac,
> including Flash player debugging, compiling, Apache Flex installer testing,
> etc.   He then put me in contact with Hector who he indicated may have more
> time and had already started a campaign to raise funds to enable him to
> dedicated more time to improve FlashDevelop for Flex:
> https://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=4296888&type=member&item=5905327257437630464&commentID=5920018570217009152&report%2Esuccess=8ULbKyXO6NDvmoK7o030UNOYGZKrvdhBhypZ_w8EpQrrQI-BBjkmxwkEOwBjLE28YyDIxcyEO7_TA_giuRN#commentID_5920018570217009152
> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flashdevelop-improved-flex-support
> There is at least one other commercial entity set to help Hector meet his
> fundraising goals.   Between the other company and Prominic, along with
> anyone else who can help, we can and will make FlashDevelop better for
> Flex.  We need to see it better specifically on Mac as well, and I would
> like to ask other Mac users out there in the Flex world to participate now
> in defining exactly what goals we need Hector to achieve.
> Please categorize these into at least two different areas.
> A) Making FlashDevelop great for Apache Flex
> B) Making FlashDevelop great for Apache Flex under Mac and Linux using
> CrossOver.
> I envision FlashDevelop having an integrated Apache Flex installation
> process that works without the confusion of the current one which offers
> too many different downloads.   I would like to see a launch page that
> makes it very easy to get started with your first Flex project.
> Similarly, a start page might also be appropriate for those interested in
> FeathersUI or pure Flash work.  Right now everything is assumed that the
> user will know how to create a project for their preferred target, and that
> is not as intuitive as it should be.
> I would also like to see better import support for Flash Builder projects,
> and thorough testing of the integrated Flash Player with debug mode enabled
> under CrossOver, or possibly integrated with running the Mac version of the
> debug player.
> Santanu, please reply with your specific list of requests.
> Hector, please integrate Santanu's request into your master list and reply
> back as well.
> I welcome anyone else who can provide concrete direction for the goal
> list.  The last revision I had from Hector on September 17, 2014 is as
> follows:
> *1. package: Code Completion and MXML*
>    1. *Code completion bugfixes:* there are some bugs in code completion.
>    ie.: sometimes it forgets the inherited properties until I open the base
>    class.
>    2. *Replace  file bugfixes: *there are extreme bugs when I try to
>    replace a file or a folder, and FD updates the namespaces. Sometimes it
>    deletes codes and replaces wrong texts. It’s very dangerous, but it would
>    be very useful.
>    3. *Custom mxml component code completion support in AS files:* FD
>    should support not only native, but custom MXML components. It partly have
>    code completion when we use an mxml class in AS files, but mostly inherited
>    properties and functions are disappear.
>    4. *Mxml generation:* Code generation (like class generation) and
>    completion during editing MXML files.
>    5. *Manifest support: *You can define custom manifest files, where can
>    describe for flex compiler the names and class paths (ie: <component
>    id="Text" class="com.ui.controls.Text"/>). We would like a native support
>    for these files.
>    6. *Code navigation inside mxml*: With F4 FD should jump to the
>    inherited property as in native AS files.
>    7. *Relative path support inside custom configs*: we use custom
>    configs, for defining our custom flex mxml manifest files, but the Flex SDK
>    requires absolute path-s (or at least relative to mxmlc compiler). We would
>    need a path support like in template generation (ie.: $(ProjectPath) )
> *2. package: RSL and SWC*
>    1. *Real RSL support: *right now it has config in the project settings
>    for RSL, but it was impossible to make it work. Right now I can use it with
>    additional compiler options, but it’s really difficult to disable-enable it
>    all the time.
>    2. *SWC generation support: *there is already a plugin, but it’s very
>    limited and have a lot of bugs. It should also have the possibility for
>    selectable generation, like in Flash Builder.
>    3. *Support for RSL generation:* native support for generate RSL files
>    from generated SWC. (it most be unzipped, optimized with the Flex
>    optimizer, and signed)
> *3. package: FlexUnit*
>    1. *Flex unit support: *native support for FlexUnit testing. It should
>    show the test results and detailed informations about the where did the
>    test break.
> *4. package: Debugging*
>    1. *Breakpoint stack filter: *sometimes there is a huge list in
>    breakpoint stack, and it would be great to have a filter in this list by
>    keywords (positive and negative). Filter also should support regexp and
>    escaped characters.
>    2. *Visual debugger, inspector (similar to firebug): *it would be
>    great to have a live inspector like in firebug. Inspect the DisplayObject
>    tree, jump on the tree with I mouse click (like inspect in FireBug), live
>    change the properties of any class (right now there is something like this,
>    but it’s not enough user friendly)
>    3. *Profiler improvements*: in Flash Builder there are some nice
>    features in the profiler that would be also great in FD.
>    4. *Flex state handling: *native code completion support for Flex
>    States.
> *5. package: UI improvements*
>    1. *Intelligent CTRL+C and CTRL+V*: after width = exactWidth ctrl+v
>    generates height = exactHeight. For sure it should have a different
>    shortcut like CTRL+ALT+V and CTRL+ALT+C or something like that.
>    2. *Interface generation from code: *sometimes we create code before
>    the interface, so we would need a plugin, that generates interface from
>    code.
>    3. *Crl+click navigate support: *it should do the same as F4. It’s a
>    very nice feature in a FD plugin, and sometimes it’s very handy.
>    4. *Ignore whitespaces search:* in every search there should be a
>    checkbox to ignore whitespaces. So if it’s enabled it would search for
>    myVar = ", when the code is myVar                    =
>     "something".
>    5. *Negative filter in search:* we could specify a negative filter for
>    the search. So for example I want to find every SampleVO string, but only
>    in those classes where there is no SomethingVO. Like in google the negative
>    filter (ie: flash RSL  –adobe)
> *6. package: Mercurial HG*
>    1. *Real HG support: *it would be great to have an integrated HG
>    Mercurial support like in PHP storm
> Thank you,
> Justin Hill
> http://Prominic.NET <http://prominic.net/>
> Skype: JustinProminic
> https://twitter.com/JustinProminic
> https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinprominic

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