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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Using Adobe Scout to locate memory leak
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 17:14:31 GMT
I don't see DateField in the loitering objects, so it doesn't look like it
is leaking, per-se.  I mentioned earlier that Loitering Objects has one
"flaw":  it only reports objects in the second snapshot that aren't in the
first, so if you had 7 EmbeddedFont instances in the first one that were
tossed and replaced with 7 new instances, Loitering Objects shows those 7
new instances.  It isn't tracking the total number of instances.  So
that's what I'd do next: look at how many EmbeddedFont instances are in
snapshot 1 and compare against snapshot 2.  If it is the same, it is a
false positive.  If the number of instances did grow, run the scenario
again and see if it actually does keep growing.  Then examine the
allocation traces to see who is allocating them.  If, for example, there
is a mouse event handler that replaces an array, the number of new objects
can be affected by how many mouse move events were dispatched during the
execution of the scenario, or because you rolled over some other UI widget
accidentally during execution of the scenario.


On 9/16/14 1:08 AM, "DarrenEvans" <darren.evans@allocatesoftware.com>

>Ok, so I've modified the code to eliminate JabbyPanda's DataField4
>and creat mx:DateField controls instead.
>Modifying the steps so that I create and remove a DateField before taking
>snapshot, then doing it again I still get the following stuff loitering:
>Surely the basic DateField is leaking.
>Alex Harui wrote
>> The first time you run code, it can create new Class and Function
>>  I would probably create and remove once, then take a starting snapshot.
>> If the component is leaking, it usually will show up in subsequent
>> snapshots, unless there is some first-time initialization code.
>> The class and function objects shouldn't cause leaks: they are tied to
>> SWF that brought them in.  I'm a bit surprised that two managers were
>> instantiated, but I don't know the code well enough OTOH to say that it
>> a problem.
>> -Alex
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