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From jude <flexcapaci...@gmail.com>
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2014 21:39:45 GMT
For HTML/CSS/JS I would much rather use AS and MXML and use FlexJS to
output to HTML than write in HTML, JS and CSS. In this case, you have the
best tooling and support and then can output that to HTML. I think FlexJS
will make a big splash once it matures and web devs see what it can do.

BTW Alex, with HTML development there is a lot of mashing together of
server side and client side code. One thing to consider is server side and
client side multi-language support.

For example, some developers will do something like this:


if ($something) {
<input label="Submit" type="button"></input>

It can get really messy. So we might want to add support for something

<s:Script runAt="server">
   // some PHP code that updates the URL, fragment or flashvars

and show examples using states. We can discuss this more but I think we
should come up with a set of examples that show how to use FlexJS and MXML
/ AS to get and send calls rather than the traditional reload the page
model. That was a shift in thinking when I started with Flex. I've read
articles about Twitter and other companies doing things that were
breakthrough in speed and performance that Flex was doing since version 2.
It made me appreciate what we have but also realize these methods are not
well known.

On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 2:46 PM, Gary Yang <flashflexpro@gmail.com> wrote:

> yeah, that is because 95% of the use can be accomplished by html5/js, of
> course more people drive toyota like me, but when dealing with high value
> target, you know what to do.
> Same thing, although that 5% is minority, but it's high value target, and
> that's what Flash Flex should be focusing on, and only real professionals
> can do it.
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 3:22 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > On 9/4/14 12:05 PM, "Devesh Mishra(NABFS00)" <devesh.dmishra@igate.com>
> > wrote:
> >
> > >Gary, agreed with you.
> > >But somewhere it seems that the rate of development is much higher in
> > >HTML5/JS as compared to MXML/AS.
> > For sure, more people and more money is going into HTML5/JS.  And that's
> > why I'm working on FlexJS.  I am trying to leverage the advantages of
> > and AS and apply them to HTML/JS.
> >
> > -Alex
> >
> >

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