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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Can RSLs work in AIR ?
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 07:09:22 GMT
Package the RSLs in the app dir so you can load them in the sandbox.

On 7/24/14 7:03 AM, "Frédéric THOMAS" <webdoublefx@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I've got an app which consist of a "container" which loads one "module",
>which particular module to be loaded depends on the user, etc...
>Until now, the modules were compiled against all their common
>dependencies (about 15 swc + the framework itself), generating a big swf
>even using link-report given the container doesn't do much more than
>loading a module.
>To optimize it, I  had the idea to create RSLs from those dependencies
>and link them as external in the modules and as RSL in the container and
>the same with the framework dependencies.
>It works pretty well in the IDE making my modules more than x4 smaller
>but as soon as I generate an .exe, it doesn't work anymore, I can see the
>.exe is loaded into memory but nothing is displayed, that makes me think
>the RSLs are not loaded.
>Are there some limitation using RSLs with AIR ?If yes, what is the best
>way to achieve the same ?

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