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From Hans J Nuecke <hnue...@vservu.de>
Subject Re: question about loading swf
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 15:07:35 GMT
As far as I know chances are high this will not work because of
security issues.

What will work are AIR programs you install (!) on the devices.
Those are  either apk files for Android, or ipa file for iOS devices.
You can transfer an apk file to an Android device directly using USB
or WLAN, and then install with any of the available apk installers.
But Apple only allows apps downloaded via their app store; for general
use. There are options for developers, though.

An application installed that way can load swf files from a server and
make use of them; like showing it in a display container.
But those swf files must not contain ANY active content. Even a stop()
command is treated as active content. Also an "allowDomain()" command
will trigger a security alert and sandbox violation and result in a
blank screen (or error message in case of a debug version).

If you expect PDF pages converted with swtools.org into swf files can
be used, be warned: they will not.
You had to force pdf2swf to make use of Flash Player version 7; but
then loose e.g. the option to highlight text. Or build a patched

That at least is my actual understanding and what I learned/found out.
If there are other options, I'd love to hear about it ;-)


Am 11.06.2014 16:15, schrieb Patil, Virat:
> Only SWF won't be enough to run Supporting libraries would be
> required
> -----Original Message----- From: Federico De Maddalena
> [mailto:f.demaddalena@patente.it] Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014
> 7:39 PM To: users@flex.apache.org Subject: question about loading
> swf
> Flex Mobile (iOS and Android). Flash Builder 7 with last version of
> Air and Flash Can I run ActionScript code in a loaded SWF? 
> scenario: I download an SWF from server and save it in application
> local storage. This SWF contains ActionScript code. Can the
> component SWFLoader or similar components run this swf correctly? 
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