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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Missing ADT on Apache Flex 4.12.1 download (Mac)?
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 18:50:50 GMT
We do already know about it.  It will be fixed in a release we hope to get
out shortly.  In the meantime, in the in/airsdk folder you should find the
missing jar.

On 5/28/14 10:57 AM, "Vicente Maciel Junior" <macieljr@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi people...
>First I tried search for previous messages on the mailing list covering
>subject, but unfortunately I didn't found nothing related. I apologize in
>advance if I just made it wrong.
>I was pretty sure to be able to find something as, for me, the presence of
>ADT (Adobe Development Tool and not the Android's similar) is fundamental
>for AIR development (right? as it's responsible for the packaging
>I simply used the installer and selected:
>- Select Flex version: Apache Flex SDK 4.12.1
>- Select AIR version: AIR13
>- Select Flash Player version: Flash Player 13
>(by the way, the current installer's version default selection)
>After all download finishes, I went to the <sdk_destination_dir>/bin and
>ADT was there...
>As there's almost 4 years I didn't touched on any Flex SDKs but the one
>that comes with the Adobe's FlashBuilder, I'm feeling I'm missing some
>of the history where Apache Flex joined the game.
>Just creating a symbolic link to the ADT present on the original Flash
>Builder's Flex SDK (4.6.0 - AIR 3.1), made it compile a simple testing iOS
>But, is it the right solution? What is the right way to solve it today?
>What is the right compiler/packager for the Apache Flex 4.12.1 SDK?
>Thanks in advance again!
>Vicente Maciel Jr

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