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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: styles are not setting from same name css file
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 15:35:46 GMT

On 4/29/14 11:02 PM, "jiks@afg" <kumawat.itbhu@gmail.com> wrote:

>My use case is as follows:
>I have  one  library project which have css file  with name x and i set
>styles  here .
>Now i create  the same styles structure in main application project  with
>same  name of css file and set part of styles here.
>when i run my application then styles (Like Alert/Button class level
>are apply which are set in   main application css file, but if i set  same
>styles(Like Alert/Button class level  styles) in library css file then
>theses styles are not applying. to apllication.
>Is there any heirarchy issue ..or best way to ovevride css file styles.
IIRC, there is an ordering issue.  If more than one SWC defined css for a
component, I think last one or newest one wins.  The application's styles
are always last and always win.  I believe you can explicitly set the
order the SWCs are used.

Technically, it isn't really "last one wins", all styles are applied in
some order but if a style is set early and the same style property is set
later, then the later one "wins".


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